GeoEye, Inc. (GeoEye) is a provider of imagery, imagery information products and image processing services. The Company provides its products and services to the United States government, including the national security community, international customers, and North American commercial customers. The Company sells two types of products to its customers: basic imagery and imagery information products. The Company also provides two types of services to different customers: imagery collection services and imagery processing services. The Company sells rights to its imagery both through image collection orders and through its archive, which comprises over 300 million square kilometers. The Company offers three main satellite imagery products: Geo; GeoProfessional, and GeoStereo. Its Geo product, the foundation of its imagery product line, is a map quality image suitable for a range of uses. Its GeoProfessional product is topographically refined by its staff of experienced production personnel and is optimized to the data collected by its satellites. The GeoProfessional product is suitable for feature extraction, change detection, base mapping and other similar applications. Its GeoStereo product provides two images of the same location and is used by customers to provide a three dimensional image of a given location. The Company offers two main types of aerial imagery services collected by its three imaging aircraft: digital aerial imaging and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) imaging. Its digital aerial imaging provides a complete digital image capture and data management system designed to support missions that demand high resolution and a high degree of geolocation accuracy. LiDAR technology is a valuable tool for measuring and recording elevation data for use in topographic mapping and three dimensional terrain/surface modeling. From Reuters.

ORBIMAGE Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: ORBM) has finalized the acquisition of substantially all of Denver-based Space Imaging’s assets. The combined company will now do business under the brand name GeoEye. GeoEye is the world’s largest commercial satellite imagery company with a pro forma combined revenue for 2005 of approximately $160 million. The purchase price was approximately $58.5 million less amounts which were paid by Space Imaging on its existing debt as well as certain other adjustments.“The much-anticipated consolidation in our industry will result in a stronger and more stable industry that will better serve the needs of its customers,” said Matthew O’Connell, president and chief executive officer of GeoEye. “As we enter this new era in commercial satellite imagery, GeoEye will be a driving force in moving the industry forward. GeoEye will lead the industry because of our advanced technology, innovation, integrity and service to customers and resellers.” With the combined resources of ORBIMAGE and Space Imaging, GeoEye brings to the market a talented pool of skilled employees with broad subject-matter expertise, national and international resellers, more than a dozen regional affiliates around the globe, the world’s largest commercial archive of map-accurate satellite imagery, and value-added geospatial imagery processing capabilities that are unmatched in the satellite imagery industry. “Governments can be assured, especially the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community, that the commercial satellite imaging industry is here to stay,” said. Lt. Gen. (Ret.) James Abrahamson, GeoEye’s chairman. The company will immediately begin implementing the planned integration of the two companies including operations, IT, administration, sales and marketing, and customer service to ensure a smooth transition for customers, partners and investors. “As we integrate our various operations, we will keep a laser-like focus on the customer. Our combined workforce is 100 percent committed to maximizing company performance and efficiency throughout the integration process,” said O’Connell. GeoEye operates an industry-leading constellation of three remote-sensing satellites including OrbView-3, IKONOS, and OrbView-2. OrbView-3, the most recent commercial satellite on orbit, offers 1-meter panchromatic (black and white) and 4-meter multispectral (color) digital imagery, which can be down linked to customer ground stations around the world. IKONOS, the world’s first commercial high-resolution satellite, produces 1-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multispectral imagery that can be combined to create a 1-meter color image. OrbView-2 offers 1.1-kilometer resolution with a wide 2,800 kilometer swath taking multispectral imagery of the entire Earth every day. Having two high-resolution satellites available for customers’ orders provides multiple benefits including more frequent visits over an area, larger volume collections in a shorter period of time, and improved overall reliability of operations. In addition to the above three satellites already in orbit, GeoEye plans to launch a satellite in early  2007 to service a contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). It will have an unprecedented ground resolution of 0.41-meters, and will be the most advanced sub-half-meter commercial imaging satellite in the world. It will collect both panchromatic and multispectral imagery simultaneously and will be able to down link imagery to ground stations around the world. With the launch of this satellite, we expect that customer ground stations around the world will continue to have down linking capability through 2015 or beyond. GeoEye completed the acquisition and financed this transaction through debt raised at the operating subsidiary level. This debt is structured to be serviced by the operating cash flows of the subsidiary. Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin acted as financial advisor to GeoEye.

About GeoEye

Headquartered in Dulles, Va., GeoEye is the world’s largest commercial satellite imagery company, delivering the highest-quality, most accurate imagery and products to better map, measure, monitor and manage the world. GeoEye was formed as a result of ORBIMAGE’s acquisition of Space Imaging in January 2006. The company is the premier provider of geospatial data, information and value-added products for the national security community, strategic partners, resellers and commercial customers. GeoEye operates a constellation of three Earth imaging satellites – OrbView-2, OrbView-3 and IKONOS – and possesses an international network of more than a dozen regional ground stations, a robust image archive, and advanced geospatial imagery processing capabilities that are unmatched in the satellite imagery industry. Its products are the cornerstone of the remote-sensing industry enabling a wide array of applications including intelligence gathering for national security and defense, mapping, local government planning, and natural resources and environmental monitoring.

From Global Security.

Corporate Governance

Matthew O’Connell, CEO

William Schuster, COO

  • Former President at BAE Systems

William L. Warren, Senior Vice President

Brian O’Toole, Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors

Lieutenant General James A. Abrahamson, Chairman

  • First Director of Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (Star Wars program)
  • Former Chairman of Oracle Corporation
  • Chairman of several companies associated with the development of stratospheric airships for civil and military applications, including Sky Sentry, LLC; StratCom, LLC; and SkySpectrum, LLC.

Joseph M. Ahearn

  • Former COO of Remington Products

Martin C. Faga

  • Former director of the National Reconnaissance Office
  • Former CEO of the MITRE Corporation, one of the largest U.S. Air Force and Space contractors.

Michael F. Horn, Sr.

Lawrence A. Hough

  • Former CEO of Sallie Mae

Roberta E. (“Bobbi”) Lenczowski

  • Former Director at the Defense Mapping Agency/National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

James M. Simon, Jr.

  • Former Assistant Director of Intelligence for Analysis and Production
  • Head of Homeland Security Council following 9/11

William W. Sprague



GeoEye’s corporate headquarters, located on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. in Dulles, Virginia, encompasses executive management, administration, and production activities, as well as being the primary operations center for the GeoEye-1 and OrbView®-2 satellites.

21700 Atlantic Boulevard
Dulles, VA 20166
Lat: 38.989569
Long: -77.450523

Thornton, Colorado

GeoEye’s Thornton office is the primary operations center for the IKONOS® satellite, in addition to housing the geospatial production services for GeoEye’s imagery products and solutions. It serves as a secondary command and control facility for GeoEye-1 mission planning and production.

12076 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80241
Lat: 39.915393
Long: -104.98492 geoeye3

St. Louis, Missouri

GeoEye’s St. Louis operations include advanced imagery processing capabilities for developing and producing GeoEye’s innovative geospatial products and solutions.

1835 Lackland Hill Parkway
St. Louis, MO63146
Lat: 38.69519
Long: -90.415335 geoeye4

Mission, Kansas

MJ Harden, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GeoEye that provides aerial imagery products and services.

5700 Broadmoor, Suite 800
Mission, KS 66202-2402
Lat: 39.026319
Long: -94.665306 geoeye5

Norman, Oaklahoma

The Norman, Oklahoma, facility is a downlink service provider for the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), a licensed reseller for Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) data.

2318 S.E. 44th Street
Norman, OK 73072
Lat: 35.21 N
Long: -97.42 W geoeye6

Imagery Comparison for the Two Main GeoEye Satellites

GeoEye-1 and IKONOS Feature Comparison

Satellite Feature GeoEye-1 IKONOS
Resolution .50-meter 1-meter
Spectral range (pan) 450-800 nm 526-929 nm
Blue 450-510 nm 445-516 nm
Green 510-580 nm 505-595 nm
Red 655-690 nm 632-698 nm
Near IR 780-920 nm 757-853 nm
Pan Resolution at nadir .41 meters .82 meters
Pan Resolution at 60 elevation .50-meters 1.0 meter
Multi-spectral Resolution at nadir 1.64 meters 3.28 meters
Swath width at nadir 15.2 km 11.3 km
Launch date 06-Sep-08 24-Sep-99
Life Cycle 7 years Over 8.5 years
Revisit Time 3 days at 40° latitude with elevation > 60° 3 days at 40° latitude with elevation > 60°
Orbital Altitude 681 km 681 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 AM 10:30 AM
Approximate Archive size (km2)

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Telespazio S.p.A.

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