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There is a very small amount of information that is publicly available regarding the Maryland Procurement Office.  The Office is known to control the IP ranges:

MD Procurement Office QWST-63-239-64 (NET-63-239-64-0-1)
MD Procurement Office QWEST-208-47-125 (NET-208-47-125-0-1)

All non-military domains and subdomains associated with the National Security Agency are registered to the Maryland Procurement Office with the notable exception of, which is registered to AT&T Wordnet Services.1  This registration information dates from between 1999 and 2001 in many cases and lists the address of the Maryland Procurement Office as:

OrgName:    MD Procurement Office
OrgID:      MPO-1
Address:    Bldg. 9840, O'Brian Road
City:       Ft. Meade
StateProv:  MD
PostalCode: 20755
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    QWST-63-239-64
NetHandle:  NET-63-239-64-0-1
Parent:     NET-63-236-0-0-1
NetType:    Reassigned
RegDate:    2000-02-17
Updated:    2000-02-17

RTechHandle: ME190-ARIN
RTechName:   Edwards, Monte
RTechPhone:  +1-301-688-5424

It is worth noting that there is no O’Brian Road in Fort Meade.  However, there is an O’Brien Road and this is one of the main roads leading through the base.  When this address is spelled correctly, Google locates it at this site:



As this seems to be simply referring to the northern gate on Rockenbach Rd., it is likely a mailing address and not the Procurement Office’s actual location.  A search for the Maryland Procurement Office in Google Maps lists the address as:

9800 Savage Rd
Ft George Meade, MD 20755-5999
(301) 688-6883

mpo14This address is on the west side of the NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade. Google also provides a link to the Maryland Department of General Services Office of Procurement and Logistics.  However, it is unclear whether or not the two organizations are actually the same.  The NSA website only returns one result on the Maryland Procurement Office that describes their electronic invoicing capabilities, “Electronic Invoicing with NSA (Maryland Procurement Office) provides a fast and accurate method to submit and track invoices submitted for payment.”2

These references are further clarified by a document which lists procurement contacts for various defense agencies.  The contact information for the National Security Agency is as follows:

Organization: National Security Agency (NSA)
Procurement Director: Daniel Gilliam
Title: Chief of Contracting
Grade: SES
Duty Station (city/state): Fort Meade, MD
Telephone Number: (301) 688-6883
E-mail Address:
Secretary: Evelyn Leclerc
Secretary’s Telephone Number: (301) 688-6883
Secretary’s E-mail Address:
Deputy: John Russell
Deputy’s E-mail Address:
Deputy’s Telephone Number: (301) 688-6883
Competition Advocate: Rachel Dickens
Competition Advocate’s Telephone Number: (443) 479-1780
Competition Advocate’s E-mail Address:
Ombudsman: Frederick E. Karlosky
Ombudsman’s Telephone Number: (301) 688-6883
Ombudsman’s E-mail Address:
Policy Representative: Gloria J. Yarbrough
Policy Rep’s Telephone Number: (443) 479-1792
Policy Rep’s E-mail Address:

Postal Mailing Address:

Maryland Procurement Office
ATTN:  Dan Gilliam, DA3
9800 Savage Road, Suite 6623
Fort George G. Meade, MD  20755-6623

FAX (Gilliam, Leclerc, Russell, and Karlosky): (301) 688-4055
FAX (Yarbrough/Dickens): (301) 688-2100

The Maryland Procurement Office’s role as a liaison with private business is further documented through their relationship with Dell.  A dedicated page on the Dell ASAP website describes a “software procurement agreement with the Maryland Procurement Office . This agreement provides the MPO with an easy and cost effective way to purchase volume licenses and media for software publishers such as Adobe and Microsoft. The MPO can also purchase software products at low prices via our GSA Schedule offering and Open Market purchasing vehicles.”3

Detailed user instructions are provided on how to access the contract pricing information, along with a user name and password.  When entered, a shopping cart containing $94,122.50 of merchandise may be viewed.  If the information is accurate, it seems that the National Security Agency has only 875 registered versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.4


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