OSI Systems, Inc.

  • Parent company of Rapiscan Systems
  • 2008 annual revenue more than $620,000,000
  • Contracts mainly with governmental authorities

OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS) is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems and components for critical applications. We sell our products worldwide into diversified markets, including homeland security, healthcare, defense and aerospace.

The company has been awarded contracts by governmental entities around the world, including NATO,1 the U.S. Transportation Security Agency2 and other U.S. agencies, as well as the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.  The company’s Rapiscan division will be providing screening equipment to Vancouver Olympic Games. 3

The company’s 2008 revenue was nearly $620,000,000.4  As of September, 2009 the company lists assets of $475,259,000 in SEC filings.5

Operating Divisions

  • Rapiscan Systems – leading developer and supplier of security inspection systems used for the inspection of baggage, cargo, vehicles and other objects for weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband and to screen people. These products fall into four categories: Baggage and Parcel Inspection; Cargo and Vehicle Inspection; Hold (checked) Baggage Screening; and People Screening.
  • Spacelabs Healthcare – designs and markets patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology and anesthesia systems. These products are used by care providers in critical care, emergency and perioperative areas within hospitals as well as in physicians’ offices, medical clinics and other centers of healthcare.
  • OSI Optoelectronics – diversified developer and manufacturer of optoelectronic devices and value-added manufacturing services for use in a broad range of applications, including aerospace and defense electronics, security and inspection systems, and medical monitoring and diagnostics. This division provides products and services to original equipment manufacturers as well as to our own Rapiscan Systems and Spacelabs Healthcare divisions.


  • Deepak Chopra, Chairman, CEO, and Founder
    • Various positions, ILC Technology, Inc.
    • Former President, United Detector Technology
    • Various positions, Intel Corporation, TRW Semiconductors and RCA Semiconductors
  • Leslie E. Bider, Director
    • Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Care, Inc.
    • Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
  • Steven C. Good, Director
    • Senior Partner, Good, Swartz, Brown & Berns
    • Founder, California United Bancorp
  • Meyer Luskin, Director
    • President, chief executive officer and chairman of Scope Industries
    • Chairman of the Board of Advisors to the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
    • Director, Myricom, Inc.
  • Ajay Mehra, Executive Vice President and Director
    • President, Rapiscan Systems
    • Various Positions, United Detector Technology
  • Dr. Chand R. Viswanathan, Director
    • Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA


Corporate Headquarters

OSI Systems, Inc.
12525 Chadron Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Phone: +1 310-978-0516
Fax: +1 310-644-7213

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