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For more than three years, Public Intelligence has provided free access to information in the public interest.  The site has served as a resource to scholars, journalists, researchers, first responders and those in government.  Uniting thoughtful investigative reporting with a robust enthusiasm for freedom of information, Public Intelligence has published thousands of documents and original source material relating to everything from domestic surveillance programs to the war in Afghanistan.

Our reporting and publishing efforts have helped to expose potentially illegal monitoring of attorney-client protected communications by the Bureau of Prisons, reveal U.S. policies for the operation of civilian internment camps and helped force Facebook to change their policy on public disclosure of the company’s guidelines for providing user information to law enforcement.

Over the last few years, Public Intelligence has published reports on drone warfare and the increasing use of drones at home, intelligence community data extraction programs, documents from fusion centers all around the country, the widespread growth of suspicious activity reporting, NATO’s marketing strategy for military engagements over the last decade, U.S. military psychological operations, domestic militarization and much more.  Our work has been covered in Salon, Wired, the Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Time, Mother Jones, Al Jazeera, Fox News and many other news outlets around the world.

All of this has been accomplished on a shoestring budget without any outside funding.  The several thousand dollars a year required to operate the site is currently covered by the volunteers that operate the site.  If you support free access to information and journalism in the public interest, please consider making a contribution.

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