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More Than 600 Arrested During G20 Protests

Police cracked down on anti-G20 demonstrators Sunday, bringing weekend arrests to more than 600 as they tried to prevent a repeat of Saturday’s violence and vandalism near the global leaders’ summit. Advocates for some of those arrested said protesters had been the victims of police brutality. As the summit wrapped up, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose government spent more than $1 billion on security, said the violence Saturday was caused by “a few thugs” who are attracted to summits.

Alaska Conducts Disturbing Vigilant Guard 2010 Exercise

The Alaska National Guard, in coordination with nearly 50 organizations and more than 4,000 participants, conducted their state’s portion of the annual Vigilant Guard exercise from April 26 – May 1, 2010. Local governments, the State of Alaska, Alaska National Guard and Joint Task Force Alaska conducted a state-wide exercise that was designed to “increase emergency response capabilities” to earthquakes and natural disasters. The exercise scenario involved an earthquake affecting South Central Alaska and combined the state’s Alaska Shield exercise, National Guard’s Vigilant Guard exercise, and Joint Task Force Alaska’s Arctic Edge exercise. A major component of the exercise involved the expertise of the National Guard CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Package, which deals with chemical, biological, and radiological disaster response.

Indonesian cops storm suspected militant hide-out

Southeast Asia’s most wanted terror suspect was reportedly killed during a 16-hour siege on a suspected militant hide-out that ended Saturday when police stormed the house. Local TV stations reported militant chief Noordin Mohammad Top, who is blamed for last month’s attacks on two American hotels in the capital Jakarta, was killed in the bathroom of the house in a rice-growing village in central Java province following a lengthy bomb and gun battle.

Scores Said to Be Killed in Clashes in China

The Chinese state news agency reported Monday that at least 140 people were killed and 816 injured when rioters clashed with the police in a regional capital in westernChina after days of rising tensions between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese. The casualty toll, if confirmed, would make this the deadliest outbreak of violence in China in many years.

Police disperse protesters after clashes in China

Hundreds of baton-wielding police on Sunday dispersed protesters and cordoned off a city hotel in central China after a young man’s mysterious death sparked unrest, a local official and a witness said. More than 200 people were injured in the clashes between police and residents outside the hotel in Hubei province’s Shishou city, according to a Hong Kong-based rights group, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy.