Neo-Nazi Fantasy Border Patrol Pictures

The following photos are taken from the Flickr feed of the U.S. Border Guard, a group with an official-sounding name that is, in reality, comprised of volunteers who patrol the border in Arizona. The group’s patrols are led by J.T. Ready, who has openly defended his views as a neo-Nazi. All titles and captions are taken, unaltered, from the group’s Flickr feed.  Some people believe that J.T. Ready is an FBI informant.

U.S.A. parks liberated by USBG

The USBG is liberating terrorist occupied lands so that families, boy & girl scouts, church groups, 4x4 clubs, astronomy stargazing groups, bird watchers, hunters, anglers, ranchers, photographers, and all Americans and legal tourists can once again enjoy our beautiful Sonoran desert.

Calling in Grid Coordinates

Attention to detail is critical in documenting smuggler activity. New "sign" in noted and maps are updated. Law Enforcement officials are provided time sensitive eyes on recon by dedicated USBG volunteers as the fluid situation in the FEBA is constantly changing.

Night Ops

USBG volunteers pose for a moment in a cleared area known for heavy smuggler activity.

Anti-Gang Operations II

Illicit drugs and gangs go hand in hand. Border Rangers document drug and gang activity in the patrol area. Mysteriously, gang claims on public and private property are often found exxed out after USBG Gang Task Force members have been in the vacinity.

Cave Reconnaissance

USBG deploys individuals with a vast array of skill sets. Covert Operators who may still be employed by various governmental agencies often conceal their identity during photographic documentation of Recon Patrols.

Border 12

Narco-Terrorist chemically fueled on meth utilize ski masks even in the arid 115 degree desert temperatures to conceal their identities. Here a USBG border ranger displays one such mask after occupying smuggler camp.

Border 5

Weapons pointed outboard: 11 UDAs are rescued from the seering hot desert and USBG volunteers stand guard until PSCO & Border Patrol arrive after translating that the UDAs had heard a firefight between Narco-Terrorists north of their position.

Border 4

An Apache scout volunteering for the USBG gives much needed hydration to a UDA found abandoned by his human smuggler who had pocketed over $2,000.00 from him.

Smuggler Corridor

A group of armed citizens opened back up a national nature monument which the local sheriff had surrendered to the drug cartel's Narco-Terrorists during: Operation LINE IN THE SAND

Taking Back American Soil

Recreational areas of the U.S. taken over by Narco-Terrorists and abandoned by U.S. officials is now being taken back by heavily armed US Border Guard Border Rangers during Operation: ANVIL.

UDA Pick Up

Border Patrol agent provides a air-conditioned ride to safety for these abandoned UDAs located by US Border Guard recon patrol of this remote area.

Captured UDA

3 live UDA smugglers (Undocumented Aliens) were captured and turned over to Border Patrol after receiving emergency medical attention by the Border Rangers.

USBG smuggler sniffing dog assists in location

Narco-Terrorists can run, but they will only die tired. The desert is hot, unforgiving, and the relentless Border Rangers will never surrender our land to dangerous foreign criminals.

US Border Guard Night Patrol

All night patrols are common sacrifices made by the dedicated US Border Guard team members as well as conducting LRRP- Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols, which may last for days at a time.

Dead UDA Smuggler

1 UDA smuggler did not make it and the homicide scene was secured by USBG Rangers and Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies while the corpse turned over to Maricopa County Coroner's Office.

Disarmed UDAs treated Humainly

Narco-Smugglers who discard their arms and surrender accordingly, are treated with human dignity until taken into custody. Narco-Mules are often happy just to be alive. The drug cartel is known to often murder their human mules rather than pay them after their chemical warfare agents (illicit drugs) are smuggled into the country.

Border 11

USBG locates a Narco-Smuggler load site near a road and notifies local law enforcement of the exact location.

USBG works with interesting Agents

Identity of multi-ethnic Border Patrol motorized recon scout remains protected by Border Ranger as he proudly poses after an area search for enemy personell and illicit drugs.

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