Ibragim Todashev Post-Autopsy Body Photos

The following images were originally published on the website Кавказская политика Kavkazskaya Politika (Politics of the Caucasus) after being displayed at a press conference held in Moscow by Ibragim Todashev’s father Abdul-Baki Todashev on May 30, 2013.  Ibragim Todashev was shot seven times  in his Orlando, Florida apartment on May 22, 2013 following eight hours of questioning by an FBI Special Agent from the Boston Field Office and at least one Massachusetts State Police trooper.  Law enforcement sources have provided media outlets with several different versions of the events leading up to Todashev’s death.  First, sources described Todashev being shot after he reportedly attacked the FBI agent with a knife.  In later accounts, Todashev was described as being unarmed.  In the most recent version of events Todashev reportedly overturned a table, knocking the FBI agent to the ground, before lunging at the agent with a pole or broomstick.

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