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Restricted U.S. Army Access Control Handbook

This handbook provides installation commanders with the basic information necessary for effective access control to their installations. It does not discuss the technical issues involved with standards and designs. Information regarding standards and designs is evolving and will be resolved by the Headquarters (HQ) Department of the Army (DA) PS Review Board (DAPSRB) and the PS integrated concept teams. This handbook provides commanders with the legal and jurisdictional issues associated with the inspection procedures at an ACP. Additionally, this handbook equips operators (which includes military police [MP], DA police, and sentinels of augmenting units) of an ACP with the various vehicle inspection criteria and measures necessary to conduct an effective ACP.

SSI USDA Physical Security Access Control System (PSACS) Privacy Impact Assessment

The Office of Departmental Administration (DA) Office of Security Services (OSS) Protective Operations Division (POD) is within the US. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This Privacy Impact Assessment evaluates privacy information residing on the Physical Security Access Control System (PSACS). The DA/OSS is responsible for providing physical, personal, and document security services. These POD services are provided in the USDA South Building/Whitten complex and at leased buildings in the National Capital Region (NCR).