U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory White Paper on Countering Violent Extremism

It has now been five years since the events of the “Arab Spring,” and initial optimism about lasting democratic reforms and an era of lessened tensions has been replaced by fear and skepticism. Many countries are now experiencing greater instability and violence than before. The vestiges of Al Qaeda in Iraq have morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (or the Levant)—ISIS or ISIL, sweeping through Iraq and Syria and leaving behind much death and destruction. The growth of violent extremism initiated by Al Qaeda and its radical interpretation of the Islamic ideology is continuing. ISIL’s deft manipulation of social media to compel and mobilize individuals to act out violently is both remarkable and frightening.

INternational Distributed Unified Reporting Environment (INDURE) User Guide

The International Distributed Uniform Reporting Environment (INDURE) software application provides both a data repository and the reporting tools to interact with that repository in a user-friendly manner. Users are able to insert information into the data repository using a wide variety of reports and make that data available to an international audience. Furthermore, users can query all the data within INDURE and export that data to a variety of external formats and programs. The purpose of INDURE is to provide a data repository into which non DoD communities like NGO’s, USAID and others involved in civil capacity, socio cultural information, events of significance and engagement data can all can input, share, extract and analyze data in concert with DoD entities. INDURE provides these communities with standardized reporting tools that span significant activities (SIGACTS), Civil Capacity information, Socio Cultural and Engagement disciplines.

INternational Distributed Unified Reporting Environment (INDURE) V1.1 Concept of Operations

This Concept of Operations (CONOPS) identifies and describes the use of International Distributed Unified Reporting Environment (INDURE) Version 1.1 on the World Wide Web Internet domain. Under the guidance of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) Theater and Under Secretary Defense – Intelligence (USD-I), the need for INDURE was scoped and funded. INDURE will be fully interoperable with the Combined Information Data Network Exchange (CIDNE) (which resides on Secret and higher classification networks) and will be able to exchange data with CIDNE. The Secret-to-Unclassified exchange will require data to be air-gapped between the systems due to the classification of the information domain CIDNE resides on and will require FDO and/or release authority to move data between domains.