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YouTube/Google “Claim Your Content” Content Identification and Claiming System White Paper

At all times during the Term, YouTube/Google shall facilitate and maintain content identification services in accordance with this Exhibit U. It is the intent of the parties that these content dentification services will_enable PARTNER to easily identify audiO and audiovisual materials on the Video Service that are owned or controlled by PARTNER, and enable PARTNER to elect in each case to either (A) license the content to YouTube/Google in connection with the Video Service on the terms and conditions prescribed in the Agreement or (B) remove it from the Video Service (the “Election”).

YouTube Key Messages and FAQs Internal Document

We have recently deployed tools for copyright owners that have massively simplified the process in which they go through to identify materials that they hold the copyrights for. Furthermore, this process is now automated and online. We have also implemented a back-end technique that applies a unique fingerprint on each piece of offending content that was removed. Future video uploads which possess a media fingerprint that matches that of a video that has been previously rejected will not be allowed into the system. In our most recent release, we have implemented a length ceiling on all incoming videos, rejecting all videos over 10 minutes in length. This is further iterating YouTube as being a platform for short, user-generated clips and promotional content, not for full-length content.