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Indian Health Service Emergency Management Plan for the National Patient Information Reporting System

The National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS) Emergency Management Plan (EMP) establishes procedures to recover NPIRS after a disruption. The following objectives have been established for this plan:

• Maximize the effectiveness of contingency operations through an established plan that consists of the following phases:
− Notification/Activation phase to detect and assess damage and to activate the plan
− Recovery phase to restore temporary NPIRS operations and recover damage done to the original system
− Reconstitution phase to restore NPIRS system processing capabilities to normal operations
• Identify the activities, resources, and procedures needed to carry out NPIRS processing requirements during prolonged interruptions to normal operations.
• Assign responsibilities to designated OIT/NPIRS personnel and provide guidance for recovering NPIRS during prolonged periods of interruption to normal operations.
• Ensure coordination with other OIT/NPIRS staff who will participate in the contingency planning strategies; ensure coordination with external points of contact and vendors who will participate in the contingency planning strategies.