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Media Uncritical of Al-Qaeda Magazine Story

The media is having far too much fun with a corrupted PDF file posted to a jihadi forum that is supposedly from Al-Malahem Media, the propaganda unit of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The “Al-Qaeda magazine”, as it is being called, is described by the Christian Science Monitor as “a mix of ‘Jihadists Illustrated’ and ‘Popular Jihad Science'”. Danger Room’s new addition Spencer “Attackerman” Ackerman describes the magazine as “a lifestyle rag for the conspiracy-minded takfiri, filling the inexplicably vacant media space between O: The Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics and the al-Qaida book Knights Under The Prophet’s Banner.” A number of other articles perpetuate the same misguided notions about the “magazine” and fail to examine any of the numerous anomalous and absurd problems that exist with the “Inspire” magazine story.

U.S. Government Translation of Islamic Terrorist Explosive Manual

This technical document covers a number of important subjects related to chemistry and explosives. It is translated as is without verification of the content, the scientific formulas, illustration, and figures. There are a few errors in the original document and the translation reflects the integrity of the original document in spite of the errors. It does not reflect the opinion of the translator.