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NATO Takedown Notices to Public Intelligence

To Whom it may concern,
On 07 September 2009, the NATO Computer Incedent Response Capability TC detected a NATO classified document posted on your website at http://www.publicintelligence.net/nato-report-on-russian-ballistic-rockets-and-missiles/
The document is entitled “Ballistic Rockets and Missiles” and bears the NATO RESTRICTED marks.
Investigation are ongoing in order to verify the reliability of the document and its NATO classification. However, you are requested to immediately remove the document from the website.
Giulio Ferraresi
Major ITA Army
Head, Incident Handling Cell
NCN: (254) 2682
+32 65 44 2682
+32 65 44 5414 Fax NU
Email: Giulio.Ferraresi@ncirc.nato.int

Concept for NATO Land Powers Operating in Cold Weather Conditions

Individuals and units must always take precautions against the special conditions caused by weather. This is especially true for winter conditions with low temperatures, snow, wind, darkness, humidity, mist and rain. Units need to survive and be capable to conduct operations in such environment. This can only be achieved by gaining experiences through training and exercising under such conditions.