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Climatic Research Unit Strategic Review – Summary of External Input

The relatively high response rate and the considerable thought that most respondents put into answering the questions suggests that people feel positively about CRU and its future. This is also reflected in the overall nature of the responses – which indicate that CRU is widely and highly regarded. Taking all responses together, the full range of CRU’s past and current activities is acknowledged. The responses are thus largely reassuring and do not contain any major surprises so far as our current strengths and weaknesses are concerned – although a number of interesting insights require some thought.

District of Columbia Health Department “Cities Readiness Initiative Plan”

The Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is an emergency preparedness project intended to prepare 72 major metropolitan areas for an aerosolized anthrax terrorist attack covering a large geographic region and the subsequent need to provide prophylactic medication to the affected population. The National Capital Region (NCR) has been identified as a location to implement this initiative. This document outlines necessary and supplemental components that enable the rapid distribution of prophylaxis to large populations.