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NIST Rapiscan Secure 1000 Redacted Radiological Safety Report

The system tested was the Secure 1000 manufactured by Rapiscan Security Products, Inc., Hawthorne, CA. The system was received by CDRH for testing on 3/29106 and had the following identification markings “Serial No.: S701201213”, “Date: May 2001 “. The label also included the following statement: “Each scan cycle from this system produces 3 microRem of x-ray radiation emission. This value is comparable to the radiation exposure all persons receive each five minutes from naturally occurring radioactive materials in the air and soil.” The system tested included a back plate and floor panel. The back plate was measured to be 153 cm wide by 242 cm high. When positioned against the floor panel the back plate surface was at approximately 89 cm from the front surface of the Secure 1000 cabinet.