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Restricted African Union Ceasefire Violation Report: Alleged SLA/JEM Burning of a GOS Police Office in Abu Zureyka

The evidence the team adduced from the witnesses interviewed and physical observations made strongly indicate that neither SLA nor JEM forces were responsible for the burning of the GOS police office. The burning could have been done by any of any of the idlers within Abu Zureyka. The team further established from the GOS police and the witnesses that the GOS soldiers in Abu Zureyka subjected the locals to intimidation and sexual harassment. It was further established that the GOS soldiers had not only imposed vehicle road movement restrictions between AI Fashir and Abu Zureyka but had also imposed illegal taxation on the goods the locals purchased and brought to Abu Zureyka either from Nyala or AI Fashir.

Restricted African Union Ceasefire Violation Report: Alleged SLA/JEM Attack PDF Camp at Duma

Patrols carried out within a radius of 131kms South East of AI-Fashir revealed that there is an on going arms race within the general area. A good number of people king security had acquired arms and some persons had given out the identity f people in possession of arms to a group claiming to be SLA. Apparently, this group is undertaking a disarmament business in the general area of Dar Essalam and Wada. Additionally I they have taken revenue generated from water and animal taxes unlawfully and further dispossessed people of their vehicles and properties claiming to be the authority in the general area. The business of dispossession often attracted some form of resistance from owners which sometimes has resulted in injury of death of some persons.