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DEA Tried to Force Confession From Viktor Bout

Suspected international arms dealer Viktor Bout is claiming that he was pressured by U.S. authorities to confess on his extradition flight from Thailand to the United States, a deputy spokesman for Russia’s foreign ministry said Thursday. Spokesman Alexei Sazonov told reporters at a news briefing in Moscow that Russian officials will closely monitor the charge and “respond accordingly.” Deputy Russian Consul General Andrei Yushmanov told state media that Bout told him that he was subjected to “professional psychological pressure” during his extradition flight, Russia’s official news agency ITAR-TASS reported Thursday. Bout is now in U.S. custody awaiting trial on charges that he agreed to sell millions of dollars of weapons to a Colombian narco-terrorist organization. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a U.S. courtroom in New York to four counts of terror-related crimes.