1954 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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29-31 May 1954

PRESIDENT: His Royal Highness, The Prince of The Netherlands.

VICE-PRESIDENTS: John S. Coleman and Paul van Zeeland



George W. BallU.S.A.Lawyer
George Barry BinghamU.S.A.Newspaper publisher, Chief of Mission to France, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1949-1950
The Rt. Hon. H. T. N. GaitskellU.K.Member of Parliament, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Alcide de GasperiItalyMember of Parliament, former Prime Minister
H. M. HirschfeldNetherlandsFormer High Commision of the Nethelrands' Government in Indonesia.
Director of Companies.
Guy MolletFranceMember of Parliament. Former Deputy Prime Minister.Secretary General of the Socialist Party
Paul H. NitzeU.S.A.President, Foreign Service Educational Foundation.
Director, Policy Planning Staff, Dept. of State, 1950-1953.
Etienne de la Vallee PoussinBelgiumSenator
David RockefellerU.S.A.Banker. Senior Vice-President, The Chase National Bank.
J.D. ZellerbachU.S.A.Industrialist. Member of U.S. Delegation, General Assembly of United Nations, 1953.
Chief, ECA Special Mission to Italy, 1948-1950.


Robert AndreFrancePresident of the “Syndicat de Petrole”.
The Rt. Hon. Ralph AsshetonU.K.Member of Parliament, former Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Supply,
Former Financial Secretary to the Treasury.
G. De BeaumontFranceMember of Parliament
Pierre BonvoisinBelgiumBanker, President of the “Banque de la Societe Generale de Belgique”.
Sir Robert BoothyU.K.Member of Parliament.
Max BrauerGermanyFormer Mayor and President of the Land of Hamburg
Raffaele CafieroItalySenator
Walker L. CislerU.S.A.Public Utility Executive. President, The Detroit Edison Co.
Consultant to Atomic Energy Commission and Mutual Security Agency
Gardner CowlesU.S.A.Publisher.
The Rt. Hon. Clement DaviesU.K.U.K. Member of Parliament. Former Minister.
Chairman of Parliamentary Liberal Party
Jean DrapierBelgiumLawyer.
R. DuchetFranceMember of Parliament, former Minister.
Secretary General, Independents and Peasants Party.
M. FaureFranceMember of Parliament.
John H. FergusonU.S.A.Lawyer. Vice-President and Executive Director, Cttee. for a National Trade Policy.
Deputy Director, Policy Planning Staff, Dept. of State, 1951-1953
John FosterU.K.Member of Parliament.
Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Commonwealth Relations.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Oliver FranksU.K.Former Ambassador in Washington. Chairman Lloyd's Bank.
Gerhard P. Th. GeyerGermanyIndustrialist. Director General "Esso".
Sir Colin GubbinsU.K.Major General retd. Formerly in charge of SOE.
Denis HealeyU.K.Member of Parliament,
Former Secretary of the International Cttee. of the Labour Party.
H. J. HeinzU.S.A.President, H.J. Heinz Co.
Leif HoeghNorwayShipowner.
C. D. JacksonU.S.A.Publisher. Formerly Special Assistant to President Eisenhower 1953-1954
Nelson Dean JayU.S.A.Banker. Director, J. P. Morgan & Co. Inc. New York.
P. KanellopoulosGreeceMember of Parliament. Minister of National Defense.
V. J. KoningsbergerNetherlandsProfessor State University Utrecht.
Ole Bjorn KraftDenmarkMember of Parliament. Former Foreign Minister.
P. M. A. LeverkuehnGermanyMember of Parliament. Lawyer
Giovanni F. MalagodiItalyMember of Parliament.
Finn MoeNorwayMember of Parliament.
Chairman, Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Cttee. Vice-President, Council of Europe
Hyde H. MontgomeryU.K.Member of Parliament.
Roger MotzBelgiumSenator. Chairman of the Liberal International.
Former Chairman of the Liberal Party.
Rudolf MuellerGermanyLawyer.
George C. McGheeU.S.A.Industrialist
Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern & South African Affairs, 1949-1952.
U.S. Ambassador and Chief, AMerican Mission for Aid to Turkey, 1951-1953.
George NebolsineU.S.A.Lawyer.
Consultant to Department of State and Ecnomic Cooperation Administration, 1948.
Trustee U.S. Council of International Chamber of Commerce.
H. OosterhuisNetherlandsMember of Parliament. President of the Netherlands Federation of Trade Unions.
Cola G. ParkerU.S.A.Industrialist.
Member of Commission on Foreign Economic Policy (Rendall Commission).
George W. PerkinsU.S.A.Industrialist. Assistant Secr. of State for European Affairs, 1949-1953.
Sir Harry PilkingtonU.K.President, Federation of British Industries.
Antoine PinayFranceMember of Parliament. Former Prime Minister.
P. PipinelisGreeceFormer Foreign Minister. Former Ambassador to U.S.S.R.
Alberto PirelliItalyIndustrialist. Minister of State.
P. QuaroniItalyAmbassador to France. Former Ambassador to the U.S.S.R.
Ludwig RosenbergGermanyChief of Department of Foreign Affairs of the Trade Unions.
Paolo RossiItalyMember of Parliament.
Denis de RougemontSwitzerlandAuthor. Director European Cultural Center
Paul RijkensU.S.A.Industrialist. Chairman of Unilever N.V.
Ernst Georg SchneiderU.S.A.Industrialist. President, Chamber of Commerce of Dusseldorf
Joseph P., Jr. SpangU.S.A.Industrialist. President, The Gillette Co.
M. P. L. SteenbergheNetherlandsFormer Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.
Director of Companies.
H. P. TeitgenFranceVice-President of the Council of Ministers.
Terkel M. TerkelsenDenmarkChief Editor, Berlingske Tidende.
Herbert L. G. TingstenSwedenChief Editor, Dagens Nyheter.
H. TroegerGermanyMinister of Finance of Hesse.
Vittorio VallettaItalyIndustrialist. President of FIAT.
Andre VoisinFrancePresident, "La Federation".
H. F. van WalsemNetherlandsIndustrialist. Member of the Board of Philips Industries Eindhoven.
Jean WillemsBelgium“Fondation Universitaire”
Thomas WilliamsonU.K.General Secretary, National Union of General and Municipal Workers.
In an advisory capacity:
B. H. M. Vlekke
NetherlandsSecretary General of the Netherlands’ Society of International Affairs.


Director: W. Veenstra
Secretaries: E. G. Focke
G. E. Overweg
J. Pomian


All meetings will be held at Hotel “De Bilderberg”.
Telephone: Oosterbeek 2887.


Accomodation has been reserved at Hotel “De Bilderberg” as well as at two other hotels in the area vicinity viz. Hotel “Wolfheeze” and Hotel “’s Koonings Jaght”.

Participants will have breakfast in the hotel where they are staying. Lunches and dinners will be served at Hotel “De Bilderberg”. Hotel accomodation, meals as well as transport by car from the point of arrival in Holland to the Conference and back, will be provided. Any extras will, however, be charged to the participants of the conference.


At “De Bilderberg” secretaries will be made available to the participants on request to the Secretariat.


Saturday, 29th May 10 h. – 13 h.
15 h. – 18 h.
Sunday, 30th May 11 h. – 13 h.
15 h. – 18 h.
Monday, 31st May 10 h. – 13 h.
14.30 h. – 18 h.

For reasons of convenience only the English and French languages will be used. The conference room will be equipped for simultaneous interpretation into English and French.


(including accomodation and currency exchange)

A small travel bureau with all exchange facilities will be established at Hotel “De Bilderberg.” This bureau will be in charge of Miss M. Tuinman.


May 29-31, 1954 – Bilderberg Hotel, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands

I. The attitude towards communism and the Soviet Union.

II. The attitude towards dependent areas and people overseas.

III. The attitude towards economic policies and problems.

IV. The attitude towards European integration and the European Defense Community.

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