1966 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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Wiesbaden Conference, Germany
2-4 April 1966

H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands

Honorary Secretary General for Europe:
Ernst H. van der Beugel

Honorary Secretary General for the United States:
Joseph E. Johnson

Honorary Treasurer:
Johannes Meynen

Deputy Secretary General for Europe:
Arnold T. Lamping

Participant NameNationality
Abs, Hermann J. Germany
Agnelli, Giovanni Italy
Aron, Raymond France
Ball, George W. United States
Bassetti, Piero Italy
Baumgartner, Wilfrid S. France
Bell, David E. United States
Bennett, Sir Frederic United Kingdom
Berg, Fritz Germany
Birgi, M. Nuri Turkey
Birrenbach, Kurt Germany
Bowie, Robert R. United States
Brosio, Manlio International
Brzezinski, Zbigniew United States
Buchan, The Hon. Alastair United Kingdom
Cadieux, Marcel Canada
Camu, Louis Belgium
Cohen, Sir Andrew United Kingdom
Collado, Emilio G. United States
Cool, Auguste P. Belgium
Dean, Arthur H. United States
Dunton, A. Davidson Canada
Erhard, Ludwig Germany
Erler, Fritz Germany
Espirito Santo Silva, Manuel R. Portugal
Faribault, Marcel Canada
Frankel, Max United States
Georges-Picot, Jacques France
Gilpatric, Roswell L. United States
Griffin, Anthony G.S. Canada
Harris, Fred R. United States
Hauge, Gabriel United States
Heinz II, Henry J. United States
Hoegh, Leif Norway
Holifield, Chet United States
Jones, Thomas V. United States
Kleinwort, Cyril United Kingdom
Knudtzon, Harald Denmark
Krag, Jens O. Denmark
Lange, Halvard Norway
Lecanuet, Jean France
Luns, Joseph M. A. H. Netherlands
Malfatti, Franco M. Italy
Mason, Edward S. United States
McCloy, John J. United States
McCormack, James United States
McGhee, George C. United States
Merkle, Hans Germany
Morse, F. Bradford United States
Murphy, Robert D. United States
Nykopp, Johan Finland
O’Neill, Sir Con United Kingdom
Pedini, Mario Italy
Peterson, Rudolph A. United States
Portisch, Hugo Austria
Reuther, Walter P. United States
Rockefeller, David United States
Roll, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Schmid, Carlo Germany
Schmidt, Helmut Germany
Schwarz, Urs Switzerland
Snoy et d’Oppuers, Baron Belgium
Spofford, Charles M. United States
Stoltenberg, Gerhard Germany
Stone, Shepard United States
Terkelsen, Terkel M. Denmark
Thoroddsen, Gunnar Iceland
Tinbergen, Jan Netherlands
Tuthill, John W. United States
Wallenberg, Marcus Sweden
Wheeler, Sir Charles United Kingdom
Winters, Robert H. Canada
Wolff von Amerongen, Otto Germany
Woods, George D. International
Wyndham White, Eric International
Zijlstra, Jelle Netherlands
Chiusano, Vittorino Italy
Roy, Bertie le Netherlands
Vernede, Edwin Netherlands
Waldthausen, Michael von Germany


March 25-27, 1966 – Wiesbaden, Germany

I. Should NATO be reorganized, and if so how?

II. The future of world economic relations especially between industrial and developing countries.

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