1967 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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Cambridge Conference, England
31 March- 2 April 1967

H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands

Honorary Secretary General for Europe:
Ernst H. van der Beugel

Honorary Secretary General for the United States:
Joseph E. Johnson

Honorary Treasurer:
Johannes Meynen

Deputy Secretary General for Europe:
Arnold T. Lamping

Participant NameNationality
Agnelli, Giovanni Italy
Arliotis, Charles Greece
Ball, George W. United States
Barran, David H. United Kingdom
Baumel, Jacques France
Baumgartner, Wilfrid S. France
Becker, Kurt Germany
Beebe, Frederick S. United States
Bennett, Sir Frederic United Kingdom
Birgi, M. Nuri Turkey
Birrenbach, Kurt Germany
Brosio, Manlio International
Casanova, Jean C. France
Cleveland, Harold van B. United States
Cleveland, Harlan United States
Collado, Emilio G. United States
Colonna di Paliano, Prince Guido International
Dankert, Piet Netherlands
Dean, Arthur H. United States
Diebold, John United States
Eayrs, James Canada
Edinburgh, H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of United Kingdom
Ferrari Aggradi, Mario Italy
Griffin, Anthony G.S. Canada
Hall, Sir Arnold United Kingdom
Hartung, Henri France
Healey, Denis W. United Kingdom
Heath, Edward R. G. United Kingdom
Heinz II, Henry J. United States
Hoegh, Leif Norway
Hoffmann, Stanley United States
Hogg, Quintin United Kingdom
Holmberg, Yngve Sweden
Hornig, Donald F. United States
Jackson, Henry M. United States
Kaysen, Carl United States
Kearton, Sir Frank United Kingdom
Knoppers, Antonie T. United States
Kohnstamm, Max International
Kraft, Joseph United States
Kymmell, Jaap Netherlands
Lefevre, Theo Belgium
Leger, Jules Canada
Luns, Joseph M. A. H. Netherlands
Martin, Paul Canada
Mathias Jr., Charles McC. United States
Matthiasen, Niels Denmark
Maudling, Reginald United Kingdom
McGhee, George C. United States
McNaughton, John T. United States
Merkle, Hans Germany
Moyers, Bill D. United States
Munthe, Preben Norway
Murphy, Robert D. United States
Netherlands, H. R. H. Prince Claus of the Netherlands
Newhouse, John United States
Niarchos, Stavros S. Greece
Nogueira, Alberto Franco Portugal
Norstad, Lauris United States
Nykopp, Johan Finland
Peccei, Aurelio Italy
Perkins, James A. United States
Pesmazoglou, John S. Greece
Piel, Gerard United States
Piore, Emanuel R. United States
Pirelli, Leopoldo Italy
Rockefeller, David United States
Roll, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Rostow, Eugene V. United States
Roux, Ambroise France
Schmidt, Helmut Germany
Schwarz, Urs Switzerland
Shawcross, Lord United Kingdom
Simonet, Henri Belgium
Snoy et d’Oppuers, Baron Belgium
Sorensen, Svend O. Denmark
Stone, Shepard United States
Taverne, Dick United Kingdom
Terkelsen, Terkel M. Denmark
Tidemand, Otto G. Norway
Tron, Ludovic France
Udink, Berend J. Netherlands
Vittorelli, Paolo Italy
Wallenberg, Marcus Sweden
Wheeler, Sir Charles United Kingdom
Withalm, Hermann Austria
Wolff von Amerongen, Otto Germany
Chiusano, Vittorino Italy
Munby, Richard K. United Kingdom
Roy, Bertie le Netherlands
Schelle, Carel J. van Netherlands
Vernede, Edwin Netherlands


March 31-April 2, 1967 – Cambridge, England

I. Do the basic concepts of Atlantic cooperation remain valid for the evolving world situation? If not, what concepts could take
their place?

II. The technological gap between America and Europe with special reference to American involvement in Europe

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