1971 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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Woodstock Conference, Vermont, U.S.A.
23-25 April 1971

H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands

Honorary Secretary General for Europe:
Ernst H. van der Beugel

Honorary Secretary General for the United States:
Joseph E. Johnson

H. R. H. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands

Participant NameNationality
Allison, Graham T. United States
Anderson, Robert O. United States
Aumonier, Andre France
Bahr, Egon Germany
Ball, George W. United States
Baumgartner, Wilfrid S. France
Bendetsen, Karl R. United States
Bengtsson, Ingemund Sweden
Bennett, Sir Frederic United Kingdom
Beyazit, Selahattin Turkey
Birgi, M. Nuri Turkey
Bourassa, Robert Canada
Carstens, Karl Germany
Cartier, Raymond France
Casserini, Karl Switzerland
Catherwood, Sir Frederick United Kingdom
Cittadini Cesi, Marchese Gian G. Italy
Cockroft, John United Kingdom
Collado, Emilio G. United States
Corson, John J. United States
Dean, Arthur H. United States
Duchene, L-Francois International
Dunlop, John T. Unitd States
Duster, Donald L. United States
Elliott, Osborn United States
Enckell, Ralph Finland
Fraser, Donald M. United States
Frelinghuysen, Peter H. B. United States
Gazzo, Emanuele International
Glisenti, Giuseppe Italy
Grierson, Ronald H. United Kingdom
Griffin, Anthony G. S. Canada
Hauge, Gabriel United States
Healey, Denis W. United Kingdom
Heinz II, Henry J. United States
Hoegh, Leif Norway
Hughes, Thomas L. United States
Idenburg, Peter J. A. Netherlands
Jann, Adolf W. Switzerland
Janssen, Daniel Belgium
Julin, Jacob von Finland
Kaiser, Karl Germany
Kissinger, Henry A. United States
Kleinwort, Sir Cyril United Kingdom
Kohnstamm, Max International
Kraijenhoff, Jonkheer Gualtherus Netherlands
Lambert, Baron Belgium
Leman, Paul H. Canada
Luns, Joseph M. A. H. Netherlands
MacDonald, Donald S. Canada
MacDonald, Gordon J. United States
MacGregor, Ian K. United States
Martinet, Gilles France
Maudling, Reginald United Kingdom
Merkle, Hans L. Germany
Migone, Gian G. Italy
Moyers, Bill United States
Netherlands, H. R. H. Prince Claus of the Netherlands
Ottone, Piero Italy
Pease, Robert United States
Perkins, James A. United States
Piazzesi, Gianfranco Italy
Reuss, Henry S. United States
Riegle Jr., Donald W. United States
Rockefeller, David United States
Rockefeller IV, John D. United States
Roll, Sir Eric United Kingdom
Rothschild, Baron Edmond de France
Rotstein, Abraham Canada
Schleimann, Jorgen Denmark
Schroder, Gerhard Germany
Simonet, Henri Belgium
Slater, Joseph E. United States
Sorensen, Svend O. Denmark
Spoor, Andre S. Netherlands
Stein, Howard United States
Stevenson III, Adlai E. United States
Stone, Shepard United States
Terkelsen, Terkel M. Denmark
Thomson, George United Kingdom
Tidemand, O. Grieg Norway
Tuthill, John W. International
Umbricht, Victor H. Switzerland
Vanistendael, August A. J. Belgium
Vogt Jr., John W. United States
Wallenberg, Marcus Sweden
Wischnewski, Hans-Jurgen Germany
Wolff von Amerongen, Otto Germany
Stone, Roger United States
Vernede, Edwin Netherlands


April 23-25, 1971 – Woodstock, Vermont, USA

I. The contribution of business in dealing with current problems of social instability

II. The possibility of a change of the American role in the world and its consequences

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