1981 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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15-17 May 1981

Walter Scheel*

Victor Halberstadt*

Paul B. Finney*

Willem F. Duisenberg*

Participant NameNationality
Aeppli, Oswald Switzerland
Agnelli, Giovanni** Italy
Andersen, Tage Denmark
Androsch, Hannes Austria
Ball, George W.** U.S.A.
Balsemao, Francisco P. Portugal
Bennett, Jack F.* U.S.A.
Bertram, Christoph* International
Beugel, Ernst H. van der** Netherlands
Beyazit, Selahattin* Turkey
Bjol, Erling Denmark
Black, Conrad M. Canada
Brinkhorst, Laurens J. Netherlands
Bundy, William P.** U.S.A.
Camunas Solis, Ignacio Spain
Carras, Costa* Greece
Eliot, Theodore L., Jr.* U.S.A.
Finley, Murray H.* U.S.A.
Fisher, Gordon N. Canada
Flesch, Colette Luxembourg
Ford, Robert A. D. Canada
Frydenlund, Knut Norway
Furer, Arthur Switzerland
Furgler, Kurt Switzerland
Gerber, Fritz Switzerland
Gustafsson, Sten Sweden
Hallgrimsson, Geir* Ireland
Healey, Denis W. United Kingdom
Heinz, Henry J., II** U.S.A.
Herrhausen, Alfred* Fed. Rep. of Germany
Horn, Tankmar Finland
Houthuys, Josef Belgium
Hurd, Douglas R. United Kingdom
Hysing-Dahl, Per Norway
Igler, Hans* Austria
Inan, Kamran Turkey
Iselin, F. Emmanuel Switzerland
Janssen, Daniel E.* Belgium
Jordan, Vernon E., Jr.* U.S.A.
Julien, Claude France
Kaske, Karlheinz Fed. Rep. of Germany
Kirkpatrick, Jeane U.S.A.
Kissinger, Henry A.* U.S.A.
Knight, Andrew* United Kingdom
Kohmstamm, Max** International
Lambert, Baron* Belgium
Lambrias, P. Geece
Lennep, Jhr. Emile van International
Leonhard, Wolfgang Fed. Rep. of Germany
Levesque, Jacques Canada
Lewis, Flora U.S.A.
Liesen, Klaus Fed. Rep. of Germany
Liotard-Vogt, Pierre Switzerland
Luns, Joseph M.A.H. International
Lutolf, Franz J.* Switzerland
MacDonald, Donald S.* Canada
MacLaury, Bruce K.* U.S.A.
Mahoney, David J. U.S.A.
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr. U.S.A.
McColough, C. Peter U.S.A.
Mertes, Alois Fed. Rep. of Germany
Mills, John L. United Kingdom
Mondale, Walter F. U.S.A.
Montbrial, Thierry de* France
Moursund, Tor Norway
Muller, Paul H. Switzerland
Netherlands, Prince Claus of the Netherlands
Niquille, P. F. Switzerland
Norlund, Niels* Denmark
Oswald, Heinrich Switzerland
Pipes, Richard U.S.A.
Prodi, Romano* Italy
Rockefeller, David** U.S.A.
Rogers, Bernard W. International
Roll of Ipsden, Lord** United Kingdom
Seidel, Hans Austria
Seilliere, Antoine* France
Silvestri, Stefano* Italy
Soames, Lord United Kingdom
Sommer, Theo* Fed. Rep. of Germany
Stein, Herbert U.S.A.
Taylor, Arthur R.* U.S.A.
Thorn, Gaston International
Toon, Malcolm U.S.A.
Umbricht, Victor H.** Switzerland
Vatne, Hans Norway
Verdonnet, Jean-Francois Switzerland
Wallenberg, Marcus* Sweden
Wechmar, Baron R. von International
Werring, Niels, Jr.* Norway
Will, George F. U.S.A.
Wohlin, Lars Sweden
Yankelovich, Daniel U.S.A.
Z’Graggen, Andreas Switzerland
Getchell, Charles*U.S.A.
Winthrop, Grant F.U.S.A.
O’Connor, PatrickU.S.A.
Schwarzenberg, Prince Karl J.Austria
Gomes, Jose LuisPortugal
Hartmann, HannoFed. Rep. of Germany
Hoogendoorn, AnneNetherlands
McKechnie, Malcolm J.Canada
Muller, CharlesU.S.A.
Reuter, EtienneLuxembourg
Roe, Raymond T.U.S.A.
Stoecker, F.Fed. Rep. of Germany

* Member of the Steering Committee
** Member of the Advisory Group


May 14-17, 1981 – Burgenstock, Switzerland

I. What should Western policy be toward the Soviet Union in the 1980’s?
A. Changes in the Soviet Union
B. Assessing Soviet Intentions
C. Arms Negotiations and the Military Balance

II. Obstacles to effective coordination of Western policies
A. Internal Stresses and Strains
B. The Need for Consultation
C. The Middle East

III. How can the Western economies put their house in order?
A. President Reagan’s Economic Program
B. The State’s Growing Share of the National Product
C. The Decline in Productivity and Economic Growth
D. Political Aspects

IV. Panel on Current International Economic Issues
A. East-West Economic Relations
B. Energy
C. Japan’s Performance
D. Trade and Protectionism
E. Interest Rates and Exchange Rates
F. Recycling and Debts
G. The North-South Dialogue
H. International Economic Cooperation

V. Discussion of Current Events
A. Foreign Poicy Prospects Under the New U.S. Administration
B. Analyzing the French Election Results
C. Crises Outside the NATO Area

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