1988 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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3-5 June 1988

Lord Roll of Ipsden*
President, S.G. Warburg Group plc

Victor Halberstadt*
Professor of Public Finance, Leyden University

Theodore L. Eliot, Jr.*
Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University

Conrad J. Oort*
Member of the Board, Algemene Bank Nederland N.V.;
Professor of Money and Banking, University of Limburg

ITAGiovanni Agnelli**President, Fiat S.p.A.
DENTage Andersen*Managing Director and Chief Exeutive, Den Danske Bank
USADwayne O. AndreasChairman, Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, Inc.
GREAndreas AndrianopoulosMayor of Piraeus; Former Minister of Culture
AUSHannes AndroschFormer Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Former Minister of Finance; Former Vice Chancellor
USAGeorge W. Ball**Former Under-Secretary of State
PORFrancisco Pinto Balsemao*Director, Jornal Expresso; Former Prime Minister
SPAEnrique BaronVice President, European Parliament; President, European Movement; Former Minister of Transport
USAJack F. BennettDirector and Senior Vice President, Exxon Corporation; Former Under-Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs
NETHErnst H. van der Beugel**Emeritus Proessor of International Relations, Leyden University; Director of Companies
TURSelahattin Beyazit*Director of Companies
ICEBjorn BjarnasonAssistant Editor-in-Chief, “Morgunbladid”
CANConrad M. Black*Chairman, Argus Corporation Ltd.
USAShirley Temple BlackForeign Affairs Officer, Department of State; Former Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana
SWIFranz BlankartState Secretary for External Economic Affairs, Federal Department of Public Economy
TURAli BozerMinister of State
USANicolas F. BradyCo-Chairman, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. Former U.S. Senator (Republican, New Jersey)
NETHHans van den BroekMinister for Foreign Affairs
FRAFrancois Bujon de L’EstangMinister Plenipotentiary; Former Adviser for Diplomatic Affairs, Defence and Cooperation in the Cabinet of Mr. Jacques Chirac
SWEStaffan Burenstam LinderPresident, Stockholm School of Ecnomics; Former Minister of Trade; Fomer Member of Parliament
GRECosta Carras*Director of Companies
SPAJaime Carvajal UrquijoChairman and General Manager, Iberfomento
SPAJuan Luis CebrianDirector and Editor-in-Chief, “El Pais”
CANMarshall A. CohenPresident, Olympia & York Enterprises Limited
PORVitor M. R. ConstancioLeader of the Socialist Party; Former Governor, Banco de Portugal; Former Secretary of State for Budget and Planning
UKJames Craig Director General, The Middle East Association
USAKenneth W. Dam* Vice President, Law and External Relations, IBM Corporation; Former Deputy Secretary of State
BELEtienne Davignon* Director, Societe Generale de Belgique; Former Member of the Commission of the European Communities
FRAGerard Eskenazi President, Pargesa Holding S.A.
USADaniel J. Evans U.S. Senator (Republican, Washington State)
USAThomas S. Foley U.S. Representative (Democrat, Washington State)
FRAJean A. Francois-PoncetSenator; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
INTJohn R. Galvin Supreme Allied Commander Europe, SHAPE
USAKatharine Graham Chairman, The Washington Post Company
CANAnthony G.S. Griffin**Director of Companies
USAHenry A. Grunwald Ambassador to Austria; Former Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc.
SWESten Gustafsson* Chairman of the Board, SAAB-SCANIA AB
ICEGeir Hallgrimsson* Governor, Central Bank of Iceland; Former Prime Minister; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
AUSHelmut H. Haschek Chairman of the Board, Osterreichische Kontrollbank A.G.
INTFrancois Heisbourg Director, The International Institute for Strategic Studies
FRGAlfred Herrhausen* Managing Director, Deutsche Bank A.G.
AUSFriedrich HoessAmbassador to the United States of America
USAKaren Elliott House Foreign Editor, “The Wall Street Journal”
USAWilliam G. Hyland Editor, “Foreign Affairs”
AUSHans Igler Partner, Schoeller Co. Bankaktiengesellschaft
FINJaakko Iloniemi Member of the Management Board, Union Bank of Finland; Former Ambassador to the United States of America
AUSPeter Jankowitsch*Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
USANancy Landon Kassebaum U.S. Senator (Republican, Kansas)
USADavid T. Kearns Chairman, Xerox Corporation
UKJohn Keegan Military Historian; Defence Correspondent, “The Daily Telegraph”
USALane Kirkland President, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
USAHenry A. Kissinger* Former Secretary of State; Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
AUSThomas Klestil Secretary General, Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
UKAndrew Knight* Chief Executive, “The Daily Telegraph”
FRGHelmut KohlFederal Chancellor
INTMax Kohnstamm** Former President, European University Institute
USAPedro Pablo Kuczynski Co-Chairman, First Boston International
FRAMarc Ladreit de Lacharriere Director and First Executive Vice President, L’Oreal
ITAGiorgio La Malfa National Secretary, PRI (Italian Republican Party)
INTAlexandre Lamfalussy General Manager, Bank for International Settlements
USADrew Lewis Chairman, Union Pacific Corporation
BELAndre Leysen Chairman of the Board, Gevaert N.V.; Vice Chairman, UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations of Europe)
SWIFranz J. Lutolf* General Manager and Member of the Executive Board, Swiss Bank Corporation
CANDonald S. MacDonald* Senior Partner, McCarthy & McCarthy
NETHFloris A. Maijers Chairman of the Board of Management, Unilever N.V.
INTStephen N. Marris Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics; Former Economic Adviser to the Secretary General, OECD
USA Charles McC. Mathias, Jr. Partner, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue; Former U.S. Senator (Republican, Maryland)
FRAThierry de Montbrial Director, French Institute of International Relations; Professor of Economics, Ecole Polytechnique
ITAMario Monti Professor of Economics, Bocconi University, Milan; Vice Chairman, Banca Commerciale Italiana
USARupert Murdoch Chairman, News America Publishing
NETHHer Majesty The Queen of the Netherlands
NETHHis Royal Highness Prince Claus of the Netherlands
AUSAnton Osond Chairman of the Board of Management, Osterreichische Investitionskredit A.G.
GRETheodoros PangalosAlternate Minister for Foreign Affairs
INTJean-Claude Paye Secretary General, OECD
USADonald E. Petersen Chairman, Ford Motor Company
PORFrancisco Lucas PiresMember of the European Parliament; Former Leader of the Christian Democrats
NORInger E. Prebensen President, A/S Kjobmandsbanken
UKLord Prior Chairman, GEC plc; Former Secretary of State for Emploment for Northern Ireland
CANGrant L. Reuber Deputy Chairman, Bank of Montreal
USARozanne L. RidgwayAssistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs
USAJames D. Robinson III Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Express Company
USADavid Rockefeller** Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee
FRAOlivier Roy University Professor and Researcher, CNRS (Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques)
USA Charles S. Sanford, Jr. Chariman, Bankers Trust Company
TURRustu Saracoglu Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
AUSGuido Schmidt-Chiari Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors, Creditanstalt-Bankverein
UKDavid G. Scholey Chairman, S.G. Warburg Group plc
USABrent Scowcroft Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Former Assistant to President Ford for National Security Affairs
USAJack Sheinkman President, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, AFL-CIO, CLC
USAGary G. Sick Visiting Scholar, Research Institute on International Change, Columbia University
CANGordon S. Smith Permanent Representative and Ambassador, Delegation of Canada to the North Atlantic Council
FRGTheo Sommer* Editor-in-Chief, “Die Zeit”
ITAUgo Stille Editor-in-Chief, “Corriere della Sera”
FINIlkka SuominenMinister of Trade and Industry
FRGHorst Teltschik Head of the Directorate-General for Foreign and Intra-German Relations, Development Policy and External Security, Federal Chancellery
SWEAnders ThunborgAmbassador to the U.S.S.R.; Former Minister of Defence
DENNiels Thygesen Professor of Economics, Universit of Copenhagen
AUSFriedrich Verzetnitsch President, Austrian Trade Union
FRGKarsten D. Voigt Member of Parliament; SPD Spokesman on Foreign Affairs; Member, SPD Party Leadership
USAPaul A. Volcker Chairman, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc.; Former Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
AUSFranz VranitzkyFederal Chancellor
UKWilliam Waldegrave Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Department of the Environment
NOR Niels Werring, Jr. Chairman of the Board, Wilh. Wilhelmsen Limited A/S
USALynn R. Williams* International President, United Steel Workers of America
USAJames D. Wolfensohn* President, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc.
FRGOtto Wolff von Amerongen** Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Otto Wolff A.G.
USAWalter B. Wriston Former Chairman, Citibank
SPAJuan A. Yanez-Barnuevo Director, Department of International Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister
SPAEmilio de Ybarra y Clurruca Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Banco de Bilbao
ITAPaolo Zannoni* President, Fiat Washington, Inc.
AUSGeorg Zimmer-Lehmann Senior Advisor to the Managing Board of Director, Creditanstalt-Bankverein
USAGrant F. WinthropDirector, Wood, Struthers and Winthrop Management Corporation
SPAJulio C. Abreu Director General, Central de Congresos; Organizer 1989 Conference
NETHSaskia ten Asbroek Executive Secretary, Bilderberg Meetings
AUSDiemut Kastner Public Relations Department, Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Organizer 1988 Conference
USACharles W. Muller President, Murden & Company

* Member of the Steering Committee
** Member of the Advisory Group


June 3-5, 1988 – Telfs-Buchen, Austria

I. What can be done with the world economy: alternative scenarios

II. How to handle a world awash with public and private debt?

III. The German question revisited

IV. The new information era

V. Briefing on the Moscow summit

VI. The impact of glasnost

VII. Future strategy of the Alliance

VIII. The Gulf and Afghanistan

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