Afghanistan Mineral Mining Law and Regulations

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Mines

Minerals Law

  • 53 pages
  • February 14, 2010


Mining Regulations

  • 61 pages
  • February 14, 2010


Article 1 Basis

These Regulations have been enacted pursuant to Article 100 of the Minerals Law.

Article 2 Objectives

The objectives of these Regulations are as follows:

(1) The conservation, management, development and proper use of the mineral resources
of the nation.

(2) Promote the rational exploration, development, exploitation and mineral processing in
a combined effort of the Government and Private Sector.

(3) Enhancement of national growth in a way that effectively safeguards the environment
and to the benefit of society.

Article 3 Terminologies

(1) The definitions in the 3rd Article of the Minerals Law have the same meaning in these

(2) The following definitions are added to these Regulations:

1. Temporary Discontinuance: Means the planned or unplanned suspension of
mining operations in a mine or part thereof and where the operations are likely to
be resumed after certain time.

2. Stoping: Means any underground excavations for removal of Ore and Minerals,
(including extraction, splitting or reduction of pillars or blocks of minerals).
Excavations for development are not included in this definition.

3. Shaft: Means a vertical or inclined tunnel which extends from the surface of the
ground or from one part of the tunnel below ground to another.

4. Mine Development Plan: Means a plan prepared by the Preferred Bidder that
addresses all aspects of the mineral activities and provides detailed plans,
specifications, requirements and costs for each major component of the mineral
activity. In addition, the Mine Development Plan shall incorporate the results of
the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments prepared by Bidder to evaluate
the effects of the mineral activities and determine appropriate and effective
mitigation measures to be implemented by Bidder.

5. Financial Security: Means the amount of cash or bank credit that is paid by
License Holder to the Ministry of Mines for the compensation of future damages.

6. Mine Closure Plan: Means a plan prepared by License Holder for the Closure,
Restoration and Rehabilitation of a mine or part of a mine (after the stoping of the
minerals, etc.) that meets the Ministry of Mines standards and guidelines.

7. Development: Means the excavation of tunnels towards the ore deposit or the
removal of the waste above the Ore deposit that to paves the way for minerals
activity and exploitation.

8. Drilling: Means the boring of the holes in the alluvial materials, rocks or other
constructions to obtain geological information and taking samples.

9. Processing: Means standardizing the mineral products or separation of the
Gangue/Waste or upgrading of the quality, purification or purity of the minerals.

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