Army Team C4ISR BRAC Update

4 Mr Cordeaux

CECOM Life Cycle Management Command

  • COL Kent T. Woods, Dep Cdr Ops, Plans, BRAC, Mr. Raoul Cordeaux, G3/5
  • 31 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • September 15, 2009


“The Secretary of Defense shall submit a report to the Congressional Committees of Jurisdiction that movement of organizations, functions, or activities from Fort Monmouth to Aberdeen Proving Ground will be accomplished without disruption of their support to the Global War on Terrorism or other critical contingency operations and that safeguards exist to ensure that necessary redundant capabilities are put in place to mitigate potential degradation of such support, and to ensure maximum retention of critical workforce.”

– BRAC Law, 2005

Guiding Principles

• The move will be transparent to the Soldiers engaged in combat operations and the civilians supporting them.
• We will do everything in our power, as limited by law, to mitigate the professional and personal turbulence of those members of the workforce that choose to move.
• We will do everything in our power, as limited by law, to assist the transition of the workforce that decides not to move.
• We will preserve and the culture, history and esprit de corps of the C4ISR Mission at Fort Monmouth.



Phase I Campus Status
– $477M Contract
– 9 new buildings, 1.5 million sf
– ~5000 Personnel
– 2-3 Months Ahead of Schedule
– Anticipated “Move In” Aug-Dec 2010


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