Authorized FEMA and Contracted Inspector Identification Badges Guide

FEMA Disaster Security Operations Branch

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  • April 2010


When a Disaster is declared, FEMA employees and Contracted Inspectors will be working in the affected area. In order to help you identify authorized FEMA staff and Contracted Inspectors, we are providing samples of authorized FEMA Identification Credentials. If there is any question regarding the authenticity of someone claiming to be a FEMA employee, inspector or representative, please contact us as soon as possible.

Contracted Inspectors:

The FEMA Disaster Housing Program provides grants for primary residents (owners and renters) whose houses have been damaged as a result of a disaster and who have inadequate or no insurance coverage. These grants are for alternate housing rentals and/or home repairs to restore the home to a safe, sanitary, and secure condition. The grants may include the reimbursement of temporary accommodations incurred as a result of the disaster.

Housing Inspection Services involve collecting and reporting required information from applicants whose houses have been damaged by disasters. A wide range of information is collected during the inspection, e.g., physical damage to the house, ownership, occupancy, insurance, personal property losses, recommendations on mitigation measures, photographs, and other essential information regarding disaster-related expenses and/or existing needs. FEMA then determines the type and amount of financial assistance the applicants are eligible for; based on the information that is collected and recorded on pen-based computers by Partnership for Response and Recovery (PaRR) Inspectors during physical home inspections.

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