Bilderberg Meetings 1992 Conference Report Évian-les-Bains, France

The following document is part of a series of Bilderberg documents obtained from academic institutions, diplomatic libraries and legal archives spanning a large portion of the group's history.


Page Count: 39 pages
Date: May 1992
Originating Organization: Bilderberg Group
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The fortieth Bilderberg Meeting was held at the Royal Club Evian in Evian-Les-Bains, France, on May 21-14, 1992. were 121 participants from 18 European countries, the United States and Canada. They represented government, diplomacy, politics, business, law, labor, education, journalism, the military, and institutes specializing in national and international studies. All participants spoke in a personal capacity, not as representatives of their national governments or their organizations. As is usual at Bilderberg Meetings, in order to permit frank and open discussion, no public reporting of the conference proceedings took place.

This booklet is an account of the 1992 Bilderberg Meeting and is distributed only to participants of this and past conferences and to prospective future participants introductory remarks are reported essentially as they were presented, with only minor editing and without referring these texts back to the speakers. Comments and interventions made in the discussion sessions, as well as panelists’ closing remarks, are organized and reported according to subject matter and not necessarily in the order in which they were made, nor in their entirety.

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