Bilderberg Discussion Paper: Guidelines for a European Energy Policy

The following document is part of a series of Bilderberg documents obtained from academic institutions, diplomatic libraries and legal archives spanning a large portion of the group's history.

Guidelines for a European Energy Policy and Its Consequences on Relations Between Europe and North America

Page Count: 18 pages
Date: May 1973
Restriction: Confidential
Originating Organization: Bilderberg Group
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Energy is becoming a topic of growing interest for the citizens of our countries. Barely a day goes by without some reference in the press to energy problems in the short, medium or long term, and to their most diverse aspects (economic, technological, ecological, geopolitical, etc.).

Generally speaking, there is fairly widespread agreement as to why the energy situation is disturbing or alarming, and the relevant figures, at least their order of magnitude, are known. Barring details, therefore, diagnoses of the energy trend differ little. The main problem is What treatment to apply: will require both an effort of imagination to avoid lapsing into fatalism, and a strong sense of realism to guard against a Utopian approach.

This is the spirit in which we must examine the guidelines and principles of a common energy policy for the Community, and investigate whether the main energy consuming countries can cooperate with each other.

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