European Union

Palestine’s Path to the World Trade Organization (WTO) : An Agenda for Action

The law of the World Trade Organization affects trade policy of Palestine in manifold ways, whether or not it is a member, due to its close relationship with the economies of present and future members of the WTO. The application of rules of the WTO will reinforce trade policy of the P.A. in the region. It will offer the P.A. adequate rights and means of dispute settlement under the umbrella of international surveillance and monitoring.

European Union and Andean Community Trade Agreement for Tariff Offers

The negotiations were conducted in the Harmonized System 2007 (SA 2007), at a minimum of eight digits. Each Party shall submit their bids in its respective classification. Applications should be submitted in the nomenclature of the Party to which he making the request. The negotiation results are expressed in the nomenclature of Harmonized System 2007 (SA 2007), at a minimum of eight digits, including subsequent revisions.