Commercial SATCOM Protection Performance Criteria


National Security Space Office

  • Richard H. Buenneke
  • For Official Use Only
  • December 13, 2005


DoD Commercial SATCOM Study

• Conducted from March 2004-March 2005, under sponsorship of:
– Undersecretary of the Air Force/DoD Executive Agent for Space
– Commander, U.S. Strategic Command
– Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks & Information Integration)
• Deliverables
– ASD(NII) –Revised DoD Commercial SATCOM Fixed Satellite Services policy
– NSSO and USSTRATCOM –Criteria for protection and operational management based upon commercial “best practices”

Protection Working Group Survey

• Survey expands upon general vulnerability analysis by NSTAC Satellite Task Force
– Company-specific surveys and site visits
– Definition of protection “best practices” for incorporation into new DoD acquisition strategy
• Survey recommendations also address key implementation issues
– Coordination on “purposeful interference” preparedness and response with DoD and other federal agencies:
• Department of Homeland Security
• Federal Communications Commission
• Department of State
• Intelligence Community
– National Security Agency approval of commercial space information assurance solutions

Industry Participants
• Global FSS operators
– Eutelsat
– Intelsat
– New Skies
– PanAmSat
– SES Americom
• DISN Satellite Transmission Services Global (DSTS-G) contractors
– Arrowhead
– Artel
– Spacelink
• Global MSS operators
– Inmarsat


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