Confidential Trans Union Automated Inquiry Credit Report User Guide

TU Release 4 User Guide, Version 0

  • Automated Inquiry User Manual
  • 394 pages
  • Confidential
  • February 2003
  • © Copyright 2003 Trans Union LLC


The TU40 User Guide describes the fixed-format inquiry (FFI) and fixed-format response (FFR) that are used in TU Release 4.0 (TU40). The intended audience for this guide consists of the programmers who are moving from an earlier format or who maintain systems that currently use TU40 to conduct electronic transactions with the TransUnion consumer database.

Many of the FFI and FFR segments are new or modified and the segment order is completely different from that used in ARPT. Use the information in this guide to ensure that your systems are prepared to work properly with TU40 as it is now the standard for Trans Union transactions.

The “About This Guide” section describes the chapters in this guide and contains the Summary of Revisions, a list of the changes in this update of the TU40 User Guide.

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