Connecticut National Incident Management System Implementation Plan

nims_implementation_plan_sept_2007Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  • 27 pages
  • Draft
  • For Official Use Only
  • September 12, 2007


I-1. Purpose

This document establishes the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security NIMS Implementation Plan in order to ensure the State of Connecticut complies with
HSPD-5, Management of Domestic Incidents. HSPD-5 requires all Federal Departments and agencies to adopt the NIMS and use it in their individual domestic incident management and emergency prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities, as well as in support of all actions taken to assist State or local entities. This plan also illustrates the intended methods of incorporation of the NIMS into the State’s plans, procedures, policies, and training programs.

II-1. The Phases of NIMS Adoption

NIMS adoption will include four distinct phases. The first phase will be initial First
Responder training, which will at a minimum include completion of FEMA’s Emergency
Management Institute independent study course on the NIMS, EMI IS-700. All supervisors with
responsibility over operational assets will be accountable for ensuring that all employees are
fully trained in the NIMS.

The second phase will include evaluation of existing plans, policies, and procedures to
identify aspects in need of augmentation for NIMS compliance. In particular, Local, Regional
and State Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) must be evaluated for NIMS incorporation.
The third phase will be modification of existing plans, procedures, and policies to reflect
NIMS adoption. This includes modification of any emergency response plans in support of the
NRP and any internal emergency plans such as COOP Plans.

The fourth phase will verify achievement of the NIMS Integration Center’s standards,
including certification and credentialing of employees as well as conducting exercises to
demonstrate compliance with the standards of the NIMS Integration Center. It is anticipated that
the implementation phases will overlap in order to speed and strengthen the process.


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