Da Afghanistan Bank Analysis of the Condition of the Afghan Banking System August 2010

Summary Analysis of Condition and Performance Of the Banking System as of Asad 1389

  • 16 pages
  • August 2010


Overall banking system is profitable and well capitalized for the month ending August 2010. So far, however four banks were in loss for the month under review. Liquidity and FX positions are in accordance with the ratios set by the Central Bank, except for five banks that crossed the set limit on overall and individual currency basis. Total loans and total deposits of the banking system have positive growth, while total assets of the system have a negative growth for the month ending August 2010.

The banking system in Afghanistan consists of 17 duly-licensed and permitted banking organizations: 2 relicensed state-owned banks, 10 private full-fledged banks, and 5 branches of foreign banks.

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