DEA Drug Slang Code Words 2018

Slang Terms and Code Words: A Reference for Law Enforcement Personnel

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Date: July 2018
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Originating Organization: Drug Enforcement Administration
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This Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Intelligence Report contains new and updated information on slang terms and code words from a variety of law enforcement and open sources, and serves as an updated version to the product entitled “Drug Slang Code Words” published by the DEA in May 2017. It is designed as a ready reference for law enforcement personnel who are confronted with hundreds of slang terms and code words used to identify a wide variety of controlled substances, designer drugs, synthetic compounds, measurements, locations, weapons, and other miscellaneous terms relevant to the drug trade. Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, due to the dynamics of the ever-changing drug scene, subsequent additions, deletions, and corrections are inevitable. Future addendums and updates to this report will attempt to capture changed terminology to the furthest extent possible. This compendium of slang terms and code words is alphabetically ordered, with new additions presented in italic text, and identifies drugs and drug categories in English and foreign language derivations.


Acelerador; Amy; Amps; Bam; B-Bombs; Beans; Bennies; Benz; Black and Whites; Black Beauties; Black Birds; Black Bombers; Black Mollies; Blacks; Blue Boys; Bombita; Brain Ticklers; Brownies; Bumblebees; Cartwheels; Chalk; Chicken Powder; Chochos; Chocolates; Christina; Chunk; Co-Pilot; Coast-to-Coasts; Crisscross; Cross Roads; Cross Tops; Crosses; Debs; Dexies; Diablos; Diamonds; Diet Pills; Dolls; Dominoes; Double Cross; Drivers; Dulces; Fives; Flour; Footballs; French Blues; Geeked Up; Goofballs; Greenies; Head Drugs; Hearts; Horse Heads; In-Betweens; Jelly Babies; Jelly Beans; Jolly Beans; Jugs; LA Turnaround; Leapers; Lid Poppers; Lightening; Little Bombs; Marathons; Mini Beans; Mini Bennies; Morning Shot; Nuggets; Oranges; Pastas; Pastillas; Peaches; Pep Pills; Pepper; Pingas; Pink Hearts; Pixies; Pollutants; Purple Hearts; Rhythm; Rippers; Road Dope; Roses; Rueda; Snaps; Snow Pallets; Sparkle Plenty; Sparklers; Speed; Splash; Sweeties; Sweets; Tens; Thrusters; TR-6s; Truck Drivers; Turnabouts; Uppers; Wake Ups; West Coast Turnarounds; Wheels; Whiffle Dust; White Crosses; Whites; Zoomers


7; 62; 77; 777; 921; A-1; Adidas; All-American Drug; Ancla; Angel Powder; Angie; Animals; Apache; Apodo; Arriba; Audi; Aunt Nora; Azucar; Baby Powder; Barrato; Basuco; Bazooka (cocaine paste mixed with marijuana); Beach; Belushi (cocaine mixed with heroin); Bernice; Bernie’s Flakes; Bernie’s Gold Dust; Big Bird; Big Bloke; Big C; Big Flake; Big Rush; Billie Hoke; Bird; Birdie Powder; Blanca Nieves; Blanco; Blast; Blizzard; Blonde; Blocks; Blow; BMW; Board; Bobo; Bolitas; Bolivian Marching Powder; Bombita (cocaine mixed with heroin); Booger Sugar; Bose; Bouncing Powder; Brisa; Bump; C-Dust; Caballo; Caca; Cadillac; California Pancakes; Calves; Canelon; Candy; Car; Carney; Carrie Nation; Cars; Case; Cebolla; Cecil; Cement; Charlie; Chevy; Cheyenne; Chica; Chicanitas; Chinos; Chiva; Cielo; Clear Kind; Clear Tires; Coca; Coca-Cola; Cocazo; Coconut; Coke; Cola; Colorado; Comida; Comida Dulce; Connie; Cookie; Cosa; Coso; Cosos; Crow; Crusty Treats; Cuadro; Death Valley; Designer Jeans; Devil’s Dandruff; Diamonds; Diente; Dienton; Diesel; Diosa Blanca; Dona Blanca; Double Bubble; Double Letters; Dove; Dream; Dulces; Duracell; Durazno; Duro; Dust; Escama; Escorpino; Falopa; Fef1; Fichas; Fiesta; Fire (cocaine base); Fish (liquid cocaine); Fish Scale; Flake; Flea Market Jeans; Florida Snow; Flour; Food; Foolish Powder; Fox; Freeze; Friskie Powder; Frula; Funtime; Gabacho; Galaxy; Gallos; Gato; Gift of the Sun; Gin; Girl; Girlfriend; Glad Stuff; Gold Dust; Green Gold; Gringa; Gringito; Grout; Guerillo; Gueros; Guitar; H1; Hai Hit; Hamburger; Happy Dust; Happy Powder; Happy Trails; Heaven; Heaven Dust; Heavy One; Hen; Henry VIII; HH; HHJ; High Heat; HMH; Hooter; Hundai; Hunter; Ice Cream; Icing; Inca Message; Izzy; Jam; Jaime Blanco; Jaula; Jeep; Jelly; John Deere; Joy Flakes; Joy Powder; Juguetes; Jump Rope; Junk; K13; King’s Habit; Kordell; La Familia; Lady; Lady Snow; Late Night; Lavada; Leaf; Libreta; Line; Loaf; Love Affair; LV; Maca Flour; Madera; Mama Coca; Mandango; Manita; Maradona; Marbol; Material; Mayback (62 grams); Mayo; Melcocha; Media Lata; Mercedes; Milk; Milonga; Mojo; Mona Lisa; Monte; Morro; Mosquitos; Movie Star Drug; Muchacha; Muebles; Mujer; Napkin; Nieve; Niña; Normal; Nose Candy; Nose Powder; Old Lady; Oyster Stew; Paint; Paloma; Paleta; Palomos; Pantalones; Papas; Paradise; Paradise White; Parrot; Pearl; Pedrito; Perico; Personal; Peruvian; Peruvian Flake; Peruvian Lady; Pescado; Peta; Pez; Pichicata; Pillow; Pimp; Pingas; Pingos; Pintura Blanca; Poli; Pollo; Polvo; Powder; Powder Diamonds; Puma; Puritain; Quadros; Queso Blanco; Racehorse Charlie; Rambo; Refresco; Refrescas; Regular Kind; Regular Work; Reindeer Dust; Richie; Rims; Rocky Mountain; Rolex; Rolex HH; Rooster; Scale; Schmeck; Schoolboy; Scorpion; Scottie; Seed; Serpico; Sierra; Shirt; Ski Equipment; Sleigh Ride; Sneeze; Sniff; Snow; Snow Bird; Snow Cone; Snow White; Snowball; Snowflake; Society High; Soda; Soditas; Soft; Space (cocaine mixed with PCP); Special; Speedball (cocaine mixed with heroin); Stardust; Star Spangled Powder; Studio Fuel; Suave; Sugar; Superman; Sweet Stuff; Tabique; Tablas; Talco; Talquito; Tamales; Taxi; Tecate; Teenager; Teeth; Tequila; Thunder; Tire; Tonto; Toot; Tortes; Tortuga; Toyota; T-Shirts; Tubo; Tucibi (pink variety); Turkey; Tutti-Frutti; Vaquita; Wash; Wet; Whack (cocaine mixed with PCP); White; White Bitch; White Cross; White Dove; White Girl; White Goat; White Horse; White Lady; White Mercedes Benz; White Mosquito; White Paint; White Powder; White Rock; White Root; White Shirt; White T; White Wall Tires; Whitey; Whiz Bang; Wings; Wooly; Work; Yayo; Yeyo; Yoda; Zapato; Zip

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)

Aceite; Acelide; Acid; Acido; Alice; Angels in a Sky; Animal; Avandaro; Backbreaker (LSD mixed with strychnine); Barrel; Bart Simpson; Battery Acid; Beast; Big D; Black Acid (LSD mixed with PCP); Black Star; Black Sunshine; Black Tabs; Blanco de España; Blotter Acid; Blotter Cube; Blue Acid; Blue Barrel; Blue Chair; Blue Cheer; Blue Heaven; Blue Microdots; Blue Mist; Blue Moon; Blue Sky; Blue Star; Blue Tabs; Bomba; Brown Bomber; Brown Dots; California Sunshine; Cherry Dome; Chief; Chinese Dragons; Cid; Coffee; Colorines; Conductor; Contact Lens; Crackers; Crystal Tea; Cubo; Cupcakes; Dental Floss; Dinosaurs; Divina; Domes; Dots; Double Dome; El Cid; Electric Kool Aid; Elefante Blanco; Ellis Day; Fields; Flash; Flat Blues; Ghost; Golden Dragon; Golf Balls; Goofy; Gota; Grape Parfait; Green Wedge; Grey Shields; Hats; Hawaiian Sunshine; Hawk; Haze; Headlights; Heavenly Blue; Hits; Instant Zen; Jesus Christ Acid; Kaleidoscope; Leary; Lens; Lentejuela; Lime Acid; Live, Spit and Die; Lluvia de Estrellas; Looney Tunes; Lucy; Maje; Mellow Yellow; Mica; Microdot; Micropunto Azul (white tablet with drop of blue LSD); Micropunto Morado (white tablet with drop of purple LSD); Mighty Quinn; Mind Detergent; Mother of God; Mureler; Nave; Newspapers; OrangeBarrels; Orange Cubes; Orange Haze; Orange Micros; Orange Wedges; Owsley; Paper Acid; Pearly Gates; Pellets; Phoenix; Pink Blotters; Pink Panthers; Pink Robots; Pink Wedges; Pink Witches; Pizza; Pop; Potato; Pure Love; Purple Barrels; Purple Haze; Purple Hearts; Purple Flats; Recycle; Royal Blues; Russian Sickles; Sacrament; Sandoz; Smears; Square Dancing Tickets; Sugar Cubes; Sugar Lumps; Sunshine; Superman; Tabs; Tacatosa; Tail Lights; Teddy Bears; Ticket; Uncle Sid; Valley Dolls; Vodka Acid; Wedding Bells; Wedge; White Dust; White Fluff; White Lightening; White Owsley; Window Glass; Window Pane; Yellow Dimples; Yellow Sunshine; Zen


420; A-Bomb (marijuana mixed with heroin); Acapulco Gold; Acapulco Red; Ace; African Black; African Bush; Airplane; Alfalfa; Alfombra; Alice B Toklas; All-Star; Almohada; Angola; Animal Cookies (hydroponic); Arizona; Ashes; Aunt Mary; AZ; Baby; Bale; Bambalachacha; Barbara Jean; Bareta; Bash; Bazooka (marijuana mixed with cocaine paste); BC Budd; Bernie; Bhang; Big Pillows; Biggy; Bionic (marijuana mixed with PCP); Black Bart; Black Gold; Black Maria; Blondie; Blue Cheese; Blue Crush; Blue Dream; Blue Jeans; Blue Sage; Blueberry; Bobo Bush; Boo; Boom; Branches; Broccoli; Bud; Budda; Burritos Verdes; Bush; Cabbage; Café; Cajita; Cali; Camara; Canadian Black; Catnip; Cheeba; Chernobyl; Cheese; Chicago Black; Chicago Green; Chippie; Chistosa; Christmas Tree; Chronic; Churro; Cigars; Citrol; Cola; Colorado Cocktail; Cookie (hydroponic); Cotorritos; Crazy Weed; Creeper Bud; Crippy; Crying Weed; Culican; Dank; Devils’s Lettuce; Dew; Diesel; Dimba; Dinkie Dow; Diosa Verde; Dirt Grass; Ditch Weed; Dizz; Djamba; Dody; Dojo; Domestic; Donna Juana; Doobie; Downtown Brown; Drag Weed; Dro (hydroponic); Droski (hydroponic); Dry High; Elefante Pata; Endo; Escoba; Fattie; Fine Stuff; Fire; Flower; Flower Tops; Fluffy; Fuzzy Lady; Gallina; Gallito; Garden; Garifa; Gauge; Gangster; Ganja; Gash; Gato; Ghana; Gigi (hydroponic); Giggle Smoke; Giggle Weed; Girl Scout Cookies (hydroponic); Gloria; Gold; Gold Leaf; Gold Star; Gong; Good Giggles; Gorilla; Gorilla Glue; Grand Daddy Purp; Grass; Grasshopper; Green; Green Crack; Green-Eyed Girl; Green Eyes; Green Goblin; Green Goddess; Green Mercedes Benz; Green Paint; Green Skunk; Greenhouse; Grenuda; Greta; Guardada; Gummy Bears; Gunga; Hairy Ones; Hash; Hawaiian; Hay; Hemp; Herb; Hierba; Holy Grail; Homegrown; Hooch; Hoja; Humo; Hydro; Indian Boy; Indian Hay; Jamaican Gold; Jamaican Red; Jane; Jive; Jolly Green; Jon-Jem; Joy Smoke; Juan Valdez; Juanita; Jungle Juice; Kaff; Kali; Kaya; KB; Kentucky Blue; KGB; Khalifa; Kiff; Killa; Kilter; King Louie; Kona Gold; Kumba; Kush; Laughing Grass; Laughing Weed; Leaf; Lechuga; Lemon-Lime; Leña; Liamba; Lime Pillows; Little Green Friends; Little Smoke; Llesca; Loaf; Lobo; Loco Weed; Loud; Love Nuggets; Love Weed; Lucas; M.J.; Machinery; Macoña; Mafafa; Magic Smoke; Manhattan Silver; Manteca; Maracachafa; Maria; Marimba; Mariquita; Mary Ann; Mary Jane; Mary Jones; Mary Warner; Mary Weaver; Matchbox; Matraca; Maui Wowie; Meg; Method; Mersh; Mexican Brown; Mexicali Haze; Mexican Green; Mexican Red; MMJ; Mochie (hydroponic); Moña; Monte; Moocah; Mootie; Mora; Morisqueta; Mostaza; Mota; Mother; Mowing the Lawn; Muggie; My Brother; Narizona; Northern Lights; Nug; O-Boy; OG; O.J.; Owl; Paja; Palm; Paloma; Palomita; Panama Cut; Panama Gold; Panama Red; Pakalolo; Parsley; Pasto; Pasture; Peliroja; Pelosa; Phoenix; Pine; Pink Panther; Pintura; Plant; Platinum Cookies (hydroponic); Platinum Jack; Pocket Rocket; Popcorn; Porro; Pot; Pretendo; Prop 215; Puff; Purple Haze; Purple OG; Queen Ann’s Lace; Red Hair; Ragweed; Railroad Weed; Rainy Day Woman; Rasta Weed; Red Cross; Red Dirt; Reefer; Reggie; Repollo; Righteous Bush; Root; Rope; Rosa Maria; Salt and Pepper; Santa Marta; Sasafras; Sativa; Shoes; Sinsemilla; Shmagma; Shora; Shrimp; Shwag; Skunk; Skywalker (hydroponic); Smoke; Smoochy Woochy Poochy; Smoke Canada; Sour OG; Spliff; Stems; Sticky; Stink Weed; Sugar Weed; Sweet Lucy; Tahoe (hydroponic); Tangy OG; Terp; Terpenes; Tex-Mex; Texas Tea; Tigitty; Tila; Tims; Top Shelf; Tosca; Train Wreck; Trees; Trinity OG; Tweeds; Valle; Wake and Bake; Weed; Weed Tea; Wet (marijuana dipped in PCP); Wheat; White-Haired Lady; Wooz; Yellow Submarine; Yen Pop; Yerba; Yesca; Young Girls; Zacate; Zacatecas; Zambi; Zip; Zoom (marijuana mixed with PCP)

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Alice; Blue Meanies; Boomers; Buttons; Caps; Champiñones; Cubes; God’s Flesh; Hongos; Lazers; Liberties; Liberty Caps; Little Smoke; Magic; Mushies; Musk; Pizza Toppings; Psilly Billy; Purple Passion; Silly Putty; Simple Simon; Stemmies; Tweezes


AK-47: Chivo; Chopper; Cuerno de Chivo
Firearms: Straps
Handgun: Cuete; Rofi; Shorts
Knife: Filero
Long Weapon: Pantalon
Rifles: Cuernos
Weapon: Bracelet; Fierro


Border Patrol Police: Moscas
Bulk Money In US Currency: Verdes; F; Los Americanos
Checkpoints: Jalapeños
Cocaine About To Be Delivered: Ya terminaron de jugar futbol
Cocaine Shipment: Vuelta
Contacts To Get Something Done: El Tiene Manejo
Coordinates Of Maritime Rendezvous Sites And Smuggling Route: Las Direcciones; Frecuencia
Crossing: Cheap Jump
Cutting Agent: Cortina
Dispatch of a Cocaine Shipment: Encomienda
Drug Courier: Burrero; Burrito; Burro; Camello; Correo; Estafeta; Mochilero; Pasador
Drug Dealer: Arreador; Enviciador, Pinguero
Drug Loads: Niños
Drug Potency: Alcance
Drug Proceeds: Invoices; Jabon; Papel; Paper; Phones; Rent; Tickets
Drug Source of Supply: Fuente; Plug
Drug Stash: Alijo; Canuto; Clavo, Planta
Gang Member: Cholo
Hidden Compartment: Clavo
Hideout for Criminals: Aguantadero
Informant: Alcaucil; Batidor; Madrina
Impression Marking On a Kilogram Of Cocaine: Marquilla
Jail: Churo; Condado; Escuela
Kidnappers: Levantadores
Large Truck Used To Transport Drugs: Mula
Law Enforcement: Cochis, Pitufo
Load Vehicles: Muebles
Maritime Voyage Of 100 Miles: 100 Ida
Maritime Voyage Of 100 Miles to Return: 100 de Regreso
Mexican Soldiers: Wachos
Mexican State Police: Pepos
Mexicans: Mejias
Money: Alguita; Bolas; Bread; Feddy; Feria; Food Stamps; Lana; Luz; Paper
Murder: Boleta
One Million Colombian Pesos: Palo
Overdose: Doblar
Overdosed on heroin (but was revived by EMS): Blew Up a Bag
Person Watching Over Stored Cocaine: La Seguridad
Police: Bandera; Chota; Jura; Paco; Zorillos
Police Car: Licuadora
Poor Quality Product: Chafa
Prison: Cachucha; Gayola
Naval Reconnaissance Aircraft: Ave; Pajaro
Refueling Boat: Camion
Refueling Cocaine Transporting Boats At Sea: Tomar Agua
Sailing A Maritime Vessel Near The Coast Of Central America To Guatemala: Costeando hasta Guatemala
Semi-Truck: Gusano
Shooting Gallery (where drugs are injected): Aguaje
Small Boats: Taxis
Speed Boats About To Be Dispatched Or Arrive With A Cocaine Shipment: Ya empieza la fiesta; Ya termino la
Speed Boats Used As Lookouts: Campana; Cantantes; Barredoras; Mosca
Speed Boats Used To Transport Cocaine: Bicicleta; Canoa; Carro; Carro Pequeño; Eduardoño; Paloma
Staged Transfer of Cocaine Between A Boat Near The Coast And A Vessel At Sea: Preñe
Structure of a TCO: Lineas
Weight Scales: Gameboy; Romanas; Tool Box
Work is coming: Party Time

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