(U//LES) Homeland Security Investigations Presentation: Criminal Exploitation of Digital Currencies

Criminal Exploitation of Digital Currencies

Page Count: 45 pages
Date: February 2014
Restriction: Law Enforcement Sensitive
Originating Organization: Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations
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What is a Virtual Currency?
• An alternative financial value system involving the exchange of funds to purchase precious metals or other value base which can later be used in exchange for products and services.
• Is not registered anywhere and it is not governed by any law other than arbitration private forums.
• Personal data is not required.
• The system focuses strictly on activities of the forum.
• Information stored for two months and then permanently deleted.

Types of Virtual Currencies

E-Currency / E-Wallets
Digital Gold
Virtual World
Virtual Games
Merchants (FB, Amazon)
Crypto-Currencies **

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