(U//FOUO) Delaware Fusion Center: Officer Safety Smart Watches

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Officer Safety — Smart Watches

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Date: March 10, 2017
Restriction: For Official Use Only, Law Enforcement Sensitive
Originating Organization: Delaware Information and Analysis Center
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(U//FOUO//LES) ‐ The Delaware State Police (DSP) Intelligence Unit is providing the following information for officer safety and situational awareness. Officers should be mindful, when placing prisoners in custody, of smart watches and similar devices that can connect via Bluetooth to a cellular device. Smart watches have the capability to both make and receive phone calls and text messages, as well as erasing same. This could cause an issue if a cellular device and it’s contents are being used as evidence. Through experimentation at Troop 7, it was determined that if a prisoner is in the detention area and the phone is seized, the watch could still be operational. (Source: DSP Intelligence)

Additional Capabilities

  • Answer incoming phone calls from Watch;
  • Built in GPS;
  • View and reply to texts as well as recent conversations;
  • Display iPhone notifications—Facebook, Email etc.;
  • Share health information (e.g. heartrate);
  • Share location and get directions;
  • Access iPhone contacts;
  • Connect to newer model vehicles—Unlock doors,
  • Flash lights, and sound horn;
  • Works as a remote viewfinder for iPhone—controller of watch can take a photo when in range of the phone; and
  • Find iPhone location.

Officers are reminded to conduct thorough searches of prisoners in custody for smart watches and similar devices that could hinder an investigation. Upon seizure of a smart cellular device, it is encouraged that the device be turned to airplane mode, as this renders the watches inoperable. Officers are encouraged to seize all smart watches while the person is in custody. See the attached bulletin from DSP High Tech Crimes Unit regarding seizing devices that contain digital evidence and the process for obtaining same.

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