Director of National Intelligence Blackbook Semantic Data Management Presentations

The following presentations on the DNI’s Blackbook semantic data management framework are from 2008-2009 and reflect information on versions 2 and 3.  An official description of the Blackbook project:

“Blackbook2 is a project architected by Intervise’s Chief Technology Officer (Scott Streit), which moved into open source on September 1, 2009. Blackbook2 is a standard for semantic web processing and is currently used, in production or pilots, at the Department of Defense, Dole Foods, and the Environmental Protection Agency, just to name a few. Without changing Blackbook2, merely adding new data, Blackbook2 processes anything from Shipping Visibility Data to classified, analytical processing.

For web application framework for data analysis, Blackbook2’s architecture provides secure support for visualization, transformation, data source integration, asynchronous operations, and is vocabulary agnostic. Application programming interfaces (APIs) exist for plugin components that visualize, discover, transform, extract, enrich, or filter graph‐based data such as social networks. Data sources of many types (RDBMs, Documents, RSS) can be mapped into Blackbook2 as RDF/OWL, either by Ingest or real-time mapping solutions such as D2RQ.”

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