(U//FOUO) DoD Defense Security Enterprise Strategic Plan 2013

The following strategic plan for the Defense Security Enterprise was written following a series of DoD Inspector General reports from July 2012 that found DoD security policies “often overlap, are fragmentary, or inconsistent” with “interoperability issues, redundancies, and other inefficiencies.”


  • 20 pages
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  • February 2013


Security is a mission critical function of the Department of Defense (DoD). Effective security has a direct impact on all DoD missions and capabilities, and on national defense. The absence of an overarching Department-wide security strategy results in inefficiencies and wasted resources, which in turn leaves DoD’s mission vulnerable to internal and external threats. The FY12 National Defense Authorization Act also requires DoD to improve information sharing protection and insider threat mitigation for DoD information systems (Section 922).

To reduce deficiencies in security, DoD Directive 5200.43 established the Defense Security Enterprise (DSE) Executive Committee (ExCom). The ExCom is the senior-level governance body for the strategic administration and policy coordination of the DSE. The ExCom created and tasked the DSE Advisory Group (DSEAG) to plan, coordinate, and prioritize decisions for the ExCom and establish, oversee, and launch project teams. These project teams receive tasks from the DSEAG, research an issue, and recommend a plan of action. The intent of all project teams is to substantively improve the execution of DoD security functions, as defined by DoD Directive 5200.43.

Because of the changing nature of the threats facing the Department and the Nation, the DSEAG will revisit this strategic plan on an annual basis. This will be done to adjust plans and activities to reflect new information and learning. The vision, mission, and goals of the DSE are meant to be enduring elements of the strategy. New objectives and initiatives will be established as the strategy is executed and accomplishments are made. The objectives and initiatives included in this document are starting points for the DSE strategy. They do not encompass all of what can be done, but are what must be achieved first for future successes.

Additionally, as a result of this strategy, changes to current policies may be necessary, and conversely, new policies may require the strategy to be refined. DoD must be prepared to review and adjust policies or the strategy as needed.

This document provides a comprehensive framework that guides the actions of the DSE ExCom and DSEAG as they improve the security posture of DoD. It was collaboratively developed by all members of the DSEAG and represents the best collective thinking from across the Department. For more information on the DSEAG, please see Appendix A.

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