DoD Directive 8521.01E

  • DoD Directive 8521.01E
    • Department of Defense Biometrics
    • 20 pages
    • Public
    • February 21, 2008

It is DoD policy that:
4.1. Biometrics is an important enabler that shall be fully integrated into the conduct of DoD activities to support the full range of military operations.
4.2. DoD biometrics programs shall be designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of biometrics activities throughout the Department of Defense by eliminating unwarranted duplication and overlap of technology development and information management efforts. For this purpose, all DoD Components’ biometrics activities shall be coordinated through the DoD Biometrics Executive Committee (EXCOM).

4.2.1. Joint, Service, or common biometrics products, systems, and services shall be coordinated with the DoD EA for DoD Biometrics and acquired in accordance with procedures consistent with DoDD 5000.1 and DoD Instruction 5000.2 (References (j) and (k)). Consideration shall be given to available Government-wide and DoD enterprise acquisition vehicles and contracts when acquiring biometric products, systems, and services.

4.4. Biometric capabilities shall be developed to be interoperable with other identity management capabilities and systems, both internal and external to the Department of Defense, to maximize effectiveness. System development and capability implementation strategies shall be harmonized, integrated, and unified with identity protection and management stakeholder organizations to ensure consistency with DoD identity management principles, directives, and vision.

4.7. Authoritative sources of biometric data, associated information, and the means to exchange the data and information with Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, and foreign governmental or multinational agencies shall be maintained.

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