(U//FOUO) DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book 2011

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) Reference Book

  • 108 pages
  • Distribution Statement C
  • For Official Use Only
  • 2011
  • 4.66 MB


PURPOSE: The purpose of the NLW Reference Book is to provide a single source document that contains key information about NLW descriptions, effects, characteristics, concepts of employment, and associated operational parameters and considerations to enhance NLW education and training.

EXPLANATION OF TERMS: The NLW described in this book are at various acquisition stages and of varied Service interest. Service-unique systems meet specific Service needs, often meet Joint needs, and are provided to ensure Joint visibility and consideration. Systems are grouped as follows:

  • FIELDED: NLW currently in use.
  • PROTOYPE: NLW which have completed development, produced in limited quantities and no fielding decision has been made.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL: NLW requiring technological or other improvements prior to production approval. Typically denotes a Service-led program of record with a technical readiness level (TRL) of 5 or higher. Anticipated fielding dates are provided, but are subject to change and should not be used for acquisition or resource planning.
  • CONCEPTUAL: Ideas or concepts that can support exercises and modeling &simulations. Typically denotes a pre-acquisition science and technology project with a TRL of 4 or less. Conceptual capabilities do not currently exist, but are potential technologies that could be developed to satisfy a non-lethal requirement in the near future.

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