DoD Online Privacy and Operational Security Smart Cards: Opting Out of Public Records Aggregators

Opting Out of Public Records and Data Aggregators

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Opting Out of Public Records and Data Aggregators – Do’s and Don’ts

• Conduct research to see what records each data aggregator has collected about you and your loved ones.
• Some data aggregators may have information about you and your family under multiple listings; you may need to repeat the removal processes
described below for each listing.
• Have ALL the required information prepared before you begin the removal process.
• Follow ALL necessary steps to complete the removal process; you may need to mail or fax information to the aggregator.
• Encourage family members and cohabitants to remove their records from data aggregators as well.

What to Look For

To locate your presence on the web, search for your name, names of family members, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and social media
usernames using Google. Once you have located information that you want removed, record your findings to keep track of the removal process. Please note
that the information presented here about how to remove personal details from data aggregators is subject to change.


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