DoD Seeking Radar Commonality: Multifunctional Phased Array Radar

S09_Radar Brief to MPAR Symposium

OUSD(AT&L)/DDRE/ Research Directorate

  • Dr. John Stubstad, Director, Space and Sensor Systems
  • 12 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • November 17, 2009


Radar Joint Analysis Team (JAT)
• What is a JAT?
– A JAT is short duration, highly focused, senior team from across the DoD to investigate an area as requested by the OUSD(AT&L) and advise in relevant procurement or policy arenas
• Who comprised the Radar JAT?
– The Radar JAT was a panel of subject matter experts representing the Requirements, Acquisition, and Technology Communities within the DoD.

Impact of the Radar JAT
• Designated specific radar acquisition programs as Special Interest
– USMC Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar
– USMC AN/TPS-59 Radar Product Improvement Program
– USAF Three Dimensional Expeditionary Long Range Radar
• Directed Radar Open Systems Architecture Defense Support Team stand-up.

Status Update (continued)

• Several radar -related activities initiated at the DoD level:

– Radar Roadmap

− Develop a repository of knowledge that provides radar system requirements, acquisition strategies, and technology investments from across the defense enterprise.

− Assess commonality and overlap.

− Make recommendations where and when it makes sense to maximize opportunity for future cost reductions and efficiencies in radar technology, development, and procurement

– Radar Spectrum Working Group

− Develop, assess and recommend implementation of national and international technical, regulatory, and policy strategies to ensure efficient and flexible military radar spectrum access worldwide.–
Radar Open Systems Architecture Working Group

− Create a Radar OSA knowledge base

− Review DOD’s current inventory of radar systems

− Obtain insights from radar industrial base suppliers

− Recommend options to meet new radar capability needs through a modular OSA approach.

– Radar Synchronization Panel Reviews

− Assess progress of services towards OSD(ATL) Radar Acquisition Decision Memorandums.

− Assess programs for technology and/or acquisition commonality within and across the services.

− Make recommendations to the Radar Overarching Integrated Product Team for decision.

• Increased collaboration with the Services and Joint Staff on requirements/capabilities.

Seeking radar commonality where and when it makes sense in coordination with the Services and the Joint Staff.

Goal is to lower radar lifecycle costs while providing for enhanced technology refresh and, potentially, radar performance.

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