DoD Theater Army Operational & Organizational (O&O) Concept (v5.4)


  • 184 pages
  • December 11, 2009


1-1. This Organization and Operations plan (O&O) is based upon a revised operational concept for Theater Army developed as a result of analysis, discussion, and decisions made by senior Army leaders under Army Campaign Plan (ACP) Decision Point 129 (DP 129), Global Command & Control (C2) Laydown, and DP 123, Division, Corps, and Theater Army Design Refinement. The new Army strategy for global command and control of Army forces relies on the Modular Corps headquarters to C2 major operations instead of theater armies. Under the revised operational concept, theater armies no longer require large Operational Command Posts (OCP) to serve as the base organization for the formation of Joint Task Force (JTF) or Joint Force Land Component Command (JFLCC)/Army Force (ARFOR) headquarters to command and control major operations.

1-2. Every Geographic Combatant Commander (GCC) has legitimate requirements for an immediately available, deployable command and control capability for smaller-scale contingency operations. This includes limited intervention, peace and peacetime military engagement operations. The Chief of Staff of the Army‘s (CSA) revised concept provides every theater army with a standard Contingency Command Post (CCP). The CCP‘s roles, missions, capabilities/limitations and dependencies are described in Chapter 3.

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