eBay/PayPal Responding to Law Enforcement Record Requests

eBay Inc.

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  • March 18, 2006


eBay, Inc., has established a Fraud Investigations Team (FIT) to promote safe use of our platforms, and encourage prosecution of those responsible for misconduct on them. Law enforcement agencies in North America seeking assistance and records for investigations that relate to either the eBay marketplace or PayPal financial transactions may contact FIT directly for information by phone (408.967.9916 – automated message only).

To formally request records, please send your request to eBay FIT by fax: 408-967-9915
For subpoenas and court orders, please then follow the fax by mailing a hard copy of the subpoena or order to:

eBay/PayPal Fraud Investigation Team, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131

When FIT receives a faxed subpoena, the team will begin preparing the information, but will only release the records upon receipt of the mailed document.

FIT can provide the following records:

In response to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process
eBay will provide:
• Full registration, including the billing and mailing address
• IP address (at the time of registration only)
• Complete Sales/Bid History (including bidder information only when specifically requested)
• Credit card and checking account information (if available)
PayPal will provide:
• All account information including, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, SSN (if available), IP
addresses (at each login), attached financial accounts, complaints against, and complete transactional information

In response to a Faxed Request (non-subpoena) on department letterhead:
eBay will provide:
• Contact Name, City, State, Zip, and Telephone Number
• E-mail Address, and User ID history
• Fraud complaints (*If Requested)
• Preliminary sales/bidding history, including records relating to completed listings dating back one year (*If Requested)
All PayPal records require a subpoena

Suggestions For Effective Data Requests:
• Specify whether you are requesting eBay records,
PayPal records, or both
• In order to obtain all subject operated accounts,
request “any and all related accounts”
• Be sure to request non-disclosure if you do not want
your request disclosed to the account holder
• Include your e-mail address, phone number, fax
number and physical address (no PO Boxes)
• To assist us in searching for records, please include
the following in your request (if available):
Specific email address
Full name of the subject, and any known aliases
Known addresses and phone numbers
Credit card and/or bank account number(s)
Known Auction ID(s) and Item Numbers

General Information:
• eBay can provide auction, fixed price, and eBay stores
records. PayPal can provide financial transaction
• eBay keeps most account records indefinitely, and
most transaction records for 2 years. Records may not
be available for Inactive or closed accounts. PayPal
keeps all records permanently.
• Requests to leave eBay and PayPal accounts open
should be faxed, Attn: eBay/PayPal FIT
• We will not provide records to a law enforcement
officer who is also a victim of the crime being
• All records are dated Pacific Time zone
• Average turnaround time for all requests is up to 10
business days, depending on the volume of
information requested

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