• Office of Detention and Removal Strategic Plan, 2003 – 2012
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    • 49 pages
    • Public
    • June 27. 2003

Endgame is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of Detention and Removal (DRO) multi-year strategic enforcement plan. It stresses the effective and efficient execution of the critical service DRO provides its partners and stakeholders to enforce the nation’s immigration and naturalization laws. The DRO strategic plan sets in motion a cohesive enforcement program with a ten-year time horizon that will build the capacity to “remove all removable aliens,” eliminate the backlog of unexecuted final order removal cases, and realize its vision.

Endgame articulates the DRO mission and vision statement, and will guide the development and execution of DRO operations through a focused set of goals, objectives and strategies. The plan identifies core detention and removal business functions and key processes within five goal areas to accomplish several short and long-term objectives. It emphasizes the execution of key processes within the two core functions, removals and custody management, recognizing they will remain essentially the same once the Program is fully integrated into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Contract Facilities: Privately owned or operated detention facilities that have been contracted by the ICE or the Bureau of Prisons of US Marshals for ICE use.

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