FAA Wide (WAAS) and Local Area Augmentation Systems (LAAS) Update

[12] WAAS-LAAS-CGSIC-07Presented to CGSIC

  • 22 pages
  • Leo Eldredge, FAA
  • For Official Use Only
  • September 24, 2008


•WAAS Architecture

WAAS Services Overview

•WAAS Program Status

–Phase II

–Full LPV Performance

–Phase III

–Full LPV-200 Performance

–Phase IV

–Dual frequency Operations

•WAAS User Segment Status

•LAAS Status

WAAS Navigation Services
•En Route and Terminal Area Navigation Services
–For Aircraft Departure, Arrival, and Domestic Airspace
–Supports All RNAV Categories
•Instrument Approach Services
–Lateral Navigation (LNAV)
•Non-Precision Approach Guidance for Lateral Only Use
–Lateral Navigation with Vertical (LNAV/VNAV)
•Non-Precision Approach Service with Vertical Guidance Capable of Providing Service to ~350 Feet Above Runway Surface
–Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV)
•Equivalent to Instrument Landing System (ILS)
•Precision Approach Service With Vertical Guidance as Low as 200 Feet Above the Runway Surface


LAAS Status
•Integrity Analysis and Prototype Development
–FAA GBAS prototype work under Honeywell Contract
–Hazardous Misleading Information (HMI) Analysis underway to validate GBAS architecture/design
•GBAS CAT I Approval Process
–System Design Approval for Honeywell architecture (SLS 4000) Planned to Complete by 2008
•GBAS Avionics
–GBAS/LAAS Standards (MASPS / MOPS / TSO / SARPS) completed
–Boeing 737-800 series GBAS equipped
–Airbus A320, A380 certification planned for 2007
•CAT-III Research & Development Activities
–Continuing Work to Develop Requirements Compatible with AircraftOperations and Approval Process
•International GBAS Cooperation
–International GBAS Working Group
–FAA Memorandum of Cooperation established with Australia, Brazil, Spain, Germany


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