FBI Ballistics Brief: Officer Involved Shooting Photos

Defensive Systems Unit Ballistic Research Facility FBI Academy

  • 21 pages
  • July 7, 2008


Officer Involved Shooting
• 11/29/2006 6:00 PM EST
• A Pennsylvania police department
• Thirty-one sworn officers
• Five officers / shift
• Three officers involved in shooting
• One assailant, 18 year old male

Weapons and Ammunition
• Police: Glock 22/Speer 180 gr. Gold Dot
M4/Hornady TAP 55 gr. carried
by tactical (SWAT) officers.
M4/Hornady TAP 75 gr. carried
by patrol officers.
• Assailant: One pistol/.45 Auto

Initial Concerns of Police
• Stemmed from apparently inaccurate initial
information from Coroner and/or Medical
• Resulted in a belief by Police officials that
.40 S&W ammunition failed and .223 ammunition
“saved the day”.
• Prompted the SWAT TL to post information on
NTOA website.

FBI/DSU Involvement
• NTOA post was disseminated over the FBI’s
intranet by an FBI Special Agent.
• “Snowball” effect resulted in numerous phone
calls/emails to DSU and BRF which questioned
the performance of FBI .40 S&W service
• BRF contacted the involved PD and Pa. State
Police, responsible for the shooting investigation,
to offer assistance.

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