HBGary ManTech Internet and Social Media Reconnaissance Presentation

Internet Based Reconnaissance Operations

  • 26 pages
  • October 2010


What is Internet Based Reconnaissance?

•Traditionally Internet-based OSINT efforts
–Keyword-only searches miss similar subject matter
–Standard web searches often don’t find short-lived information
–Do not correlate other aspects of available data
•ManTech CFIA Internet-Based Reconnaissance
–OPSEC and Mission First!
–Use of open source collection techniques paired with customized toolsets
–Non-attributable architecture; small footprint
–Can be as widely or narrowly focused as needed
–Combination of Intel analysts with experienced network engineers
–Extensive network backgrounds
–Native language searching
–Rapid turnaround time
–Iterative process working with the customer to constantly drive research

What do we provide our Customers?

•Locate / Profile Internet “Points of Presence”
–Items of Interest
•Detailed network mapping
–Identify registered networks and registered domains
–Graphical network representation based on Active Hosts
–Operating system and network application identification
–Identification of possible perimeter defenses
•Technology Research
•Intelligence Gap Fill
•Counterintelligence Research
•Customer Public Image Assessment

What is our Process?

•Employ highly skilled network professionals
•Use Non-attributable Internet access
•Use custom developed toolsets and techniques
•Use Native Language and in-country techniques
–Utilize foreign language search engines, mapping tools, etc
•Utilize iterative researching methodologies
•What we search:
–Websites, picture sites, mapping sites/programs
–Blogs and social networking sites
–Forums and Bulletin Boards
–Network Information: Whois, Trace Route, NetTroll, DNS
–Archived and cached websites

What do we Produce?

•Rapid Non-attributable Open Source Research Results
–Sourced Research Findings
–Triage level Analysis
–Vulnerability Assessment
–Graphical Network and Social Diagramming

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