Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)


IARPA Blackbook Overview

  • Dr. Lisa Porter, Director, IARPA
  • 12 pages
  • Unclassified
  • May 2008


The Three Strategic Thrusts (Offices)

  • Smart Collection: dramatically improve the value of collected data
    • Innovative modeling and analysis approaches to identify where to look and what to collect
    • Novel approaches to access
  • Incisive Analysis: maximizing insight from the information we collect, in a timely fashion
    • Advanced tools and techniques that can handle large volumes of multiple and disparate sources of information
    • Innovative approaches (e.g., using virtual worlds, shared workspaces) that dramatically improve the productivity of analysts
    • Methods that incorporate socio-cultural and linguistic factors into the analytic process
  • Safe and Secure Operations: countering new capabilities of our adversaries that could threaten our ability to operate effectively in a networked world
    • Assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our cyber systems
    • Quantum information science and technology

Quantum Science and Information Technology

  • Major milestones:
    • Demonstrate interacting logical qubits
    • Execute quantum circuits with thousands of operations
    • Optimize error correction codes for different qubit types
  • A scientific-scale quantum computer
    • Has several logical qubits & sustains several thousands of operations
    • Will let us ask and answer fundamental questions about quantum computing
    • Should inspire new quantum applications
  • Investment areas:
    • Development of robust qubit technology
  • Trapped ions, neutral atoms, photons, Josephson junctions, quantum dots, etc.
  • Faster and more accurate qubit initialization, measurement & manipulation, and qubit-qubit interactions
  • Supporting technologies
  • Better materials, device fabrication, detectors, etc.


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