ITU CWG-WCIT12 Draft Compilation of Proposals/Options November 2011

The following documents are compilations of draft proposals for modifications to International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) under the International Telecommunication Union.  The current version of the proposed changes to the ITRs (CWG-WCIT12 Temporary Document 64) was recently leaked in response to a lack of publicly available information on the proposals.  These documents help to provide background and context on the development of the current proposal.

CWG-WCIT12 TEMPORARY DOCUMENT 43 (CWG-WCIT12/TD – 43) “Draft compilation of options” 137 pages November 24, 2011 Download
CWG-WCIT12 TEMPORARY DOCUMENT 36 (CWG-WCIT12/TD – 36) “Draft compilation of proposals” 53 pages June 13, 2011 Download


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